A Midsummer Night’s Dream Summary by William Shakespeare


A Midsummer Night’s Dream Summary

The story of a Midsummer Night’s Dream starts in Athens with a quarrel over love and marriage. It’s four days away from Theseus & Hippolyta’s wedding. Hermia and Lysander were two lovers forbidden from marrying. Instead of Lysander, father of Hermia wanted her to marry Demetrius. Hermia’s refusal enraged her daddy to punish her. He invoked in ancient and barbaric law. This law stated if a daughter refuses a father’s choice then he can have his daughter destined to death.

Unfortunately, for Hermia the Duke of Athens explained that her father was correct. Moreover, the Duke couldn’t overrule the law. Even the “Duke of Athens” had to follow these laws. Yet the Duke did give Hermia 4 days to change the mind. All Hermia had to do was marry Demetrius and the Duke promised to revoke her sentence. This law shocked and enraged Lysander but he refused to surrender his soulmate deprived of a fight. Lysander had an aunt that lived in the countryside, outside of the Athenian city-state. There they would be safe as they are getting arranged to leave Helena comes in. Unfortunately, they tell Helena their plans.

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This is unfortunate because Helena is in relation with Demetrius. Helena craves the love from Demetrius that Hermia rejects. So, Helena runs to Demetrius to inform him where Lysander & Hermia are going. Demetrius plans to follow these lovers into the woods & Helena will follow Demetrius that was apparently a good reward for Helena. Meanwhile, the actors are practicing a play in the jungle. Their names were Bottom, Quince, and Flute. The characters are comical and silly.

To the humans ignorant, the woods were a magical place. Fairies round them yet they were invisible to the humans. In these particular woods, were the fairy king & queen named Oberon & Titania. It’s vital to realize that normally fairies are wise creatures but at times they can be as foolish as humans. In this case, Oberon & Titania were quarreling. They were vicious to one another and couldn’t have a simple meeting without using insults. Under normal circumstances, there would be one royal court of maids and advisors. But due to their quarreling, they each had a court of their own.

Then we learned that all this fighting is over an Indian boy that Titania had engaged into her ex but Oberon also wanted the boy. He wanted another fairy night. Thus, when the Queen refused to bestowal the Indian boy, the quarrel erupted. Oberon requests for the boy one last time when the Queen again refuses he decides to get even. Then Oberon calls in his beloved fairy named Puck. Puck has a spirit of mischief and trickery. The puck would play tricks on people like taking the cream out of dairies and turning beer sour.

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Oberon gives puck a mission to bring back a flower named “Love-in-Idleness”. The juicy flower is magical. When it placed on the sleeper’s eyes, its Prime’s theme to feel the love with the 1st thing they see after waking. Oberon decides to set some on Titania’s eyes and make her feel love with some random comical animal like a lion or a bear.

During pucks absence, Demetrius and Helena come onto the scene. She gushes about her affection for him but Demetrius rejects her. Oberon feels bad for Helen and chooses to take empathy on her by using the flower. When puck come back with the flower, Oberon sends him away again. This time he told puck to discover Demetrius & put some liquid on his eyes. Puck sets off through the jungle and finds an Athenian male sleeping. He figures this must be Demetrius and put some liquid on Lysander. When Lysander wakes up, the 1st thing he spots is Helena and madly feel love for her. Helena thinks this must be some cruel joke and runs away. Lysander follows after and leaves his sleeping soul mate Hermia.

Oberon Fixes the Mistake Puck Made:

It doesn’t take long for Oberon to understand that puck put the liquid on a wrong Athenian. He sets out to sort out the mistake and put some liquid on Demetrius. Then the 1st thing Demetrius sees is Helena. So, he also feels love for her. Now, Hermia is the one chasing after her uninterested lover. Hermia catches up with them and fights with Helena. Demetrius and Lysander also began fighting. Oberon is watching this all happen and can’t believe it. He was making try to help someone and he caused so much harm.

To stop the fighting, Oberon orders Puck to drop a dense fog on the forest. Then Puck turns all the humans around thus no one might find one another. This tired them out. They rest and Oberon fixes the situation. Oberon releases the spell on Lysander but leaves the spell on Demetrius stating that when this is all done all will be well with them.

Later, Oberon finds Titania and puts more liquid on her. When she wakes, she seized actor “Bottom” who had his head turned into that of a donkey by the puck. She immediately feels love for him and begins doting on him. Titania even calls her maids, so they can attend to Bottom. Oberon comes in and sees Titania lavishing gifts and food on the clown. He manages to get little Indian boy and then releases her from the magical spell.

Next, he takes off the head of a donkey from Bottom. The Athenians get up from their sleep and return to their home. Since Demetrius was not concerned to marry with Hermia. Hermia is safe, then we see the actors performing their play in the wedding ceremony of Theseus & Hippolyta in Athens. Even Oberon & Titania are at the marriage to bless it.

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