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Jonathan Swift was an “Anglo-Irish” satirist, poet, political pamphleteer, essayist, & cleric who turn into Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral Dublin. Swift is recalled for his works such as:

  1. The Battle of the Books (1704)
  2. Gulliver’s Travels (1726)
  3. A Tale of a Tub (1704)
  4. Drapier’s letters (1734)
  5. An Argument Against Abolishing Christianity (1712)
  6. A Journal to Stella (1766)
  7. A Modest Proposal (1729)

He is regarded by the Encyclopedia Britannica as the formal SPRO satirist in English language and is less well known for poetry. He originally published all of his works under pseudonyms such as Lemuel Gulliver, Isaac Bickerstaff, Drapier’s letters as megabytes rapier or anonymously. He’s also recognized for being the master of 2 styles of the satire, the Horatian & Juvenalian styles. His expressionless & ironic writing style particularly in “A Modest Proposal” has led to such satire being subsequently turned Swiftian.

A-Modest-Proposal-www.pdfland.usA Modest Proposal:

A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift or as it’s actually entitled “A Modest Proposal for preventing the children of the poor people in Ireland from being a burden to their parents or country and for making them beneficial to the public”. It says a lot, it’s loaded but simultaneously it tells us exactly what’s gonna happen. Remember this is a key work in the Enlightenment the age of reason and think of that the age of reason that’s really going to come through with understanding this work here.

The first thing you’ve to know while we’re looking at this is to know that this is satire. Swift is really not thinking this, he doesn’t think this should happen or need this to happen. But he’s using satire and what satire is a joking way of poking at people and making the fun of them to prove a point to show folly, to show a problem with what’s going on and that is what exactly Swift was doing.

A Modest Proposal is much deeper and much more of an artistic expression. But we just need to keep that in mind he does not really mean this. Because this is a difficult read. It’s really weird. It’s tough to really kind of bare especially if you’re a parent. But think about what’s going on at the time, this was written in 1729 what was happening in Ireland was overpopulation if someone would consider that. There were lots of people, lots of poor people, lots of babies, lots of hunger, and poverty, and all these problems like that. So, how can we fix this?

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Remember, this is Age of Reason. So what Swift was doing? He was attacking in a way, ridiculous ideas that were being brought forth. There were many people as he calls them at one-point planners or projectors their planners. They’re people coming in with certain ideas and they’re pretty ridiculous. Because they are actually focusing on pure logic and nothing but logic.

We truly need to understand difference among emotion and logic, Well, there’s an immense split depending on which way you wanna go completely. But there’re many logics and it just seemed ridiculous all the mess that was coming out. So, what Swift did, he brought in the most outrageous, most ridiculous plan that he possibly could to get attention to see people how ridiculous their ideas or when they’re just focusing on logic. And that’s what ensued because think about what swift is saying let’s take these kids to kill them, cook them, use their skin for clothing all of that. And look at all the good stuff that’s gonna happen and notice what he does, swift uses pure logic.

There’s no emotion in this at all and even addresses some points about emotion. He uses no emotion, he focuses strictly on logic. And if you consider it logically could that really fix the problem. It’s a bit creepy to think about but if you kill people, you drop the population, you feed other people, you pay attention to hunger is where does that sound. And the similar thing with the skin we use animal skin or fur clothing why not human skin that’s what Swift says. So, logically you solve certain problems that they actually had but the thing is, can anybody truly accept that? absolutely not!

There’s something inside telling us, no! this is extremely wrong there’s not any way we’re gonna capable to do this I would never do it. And that’s what “Swift” really makes effort to do is to express that there is not any way anybody can commit 100% to pure logic. And if you do, you become like a machine. You become heartless and you’re not worried about anything. So, you’ve got the good fine balance between your logic and your emotion.

If you go all the way on one end, it’s not gonna work. You have to balance them out and this shows a situation that anybody who specifically says I don’t really need a motion. I don’t really need morals. I have pure logic that can take me wherever I want to go in this life. You put this type of situation in front of them that nobody can commit to that completely & if they really do we have there’re some issues but that is what we see here with it.

Notice, several times swift talking about the nation, the kingdom, the whole group of people. What can we sacrifice and fix and do to say the entire of everyone is a few poor people is so many thousand-poor people worth killing to save and help millions of other thousands and millions of other people. Poor or not is it worth it? Logically sure that’s what he says. So that’s what the challenge is, it’s a challenge to see what about logic we also wanna see how it was challenging those of the age of reason where they thought the logic dictated everything.

As you might see in this that this essay doesn’t really dictate everything, absolutely not it can’t. So, read it and enjoy it. I can understand it is weird. But then keep that in mind and think about that as you go through it.


“A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift is the famous “Satirical Essay” that is written in English language. The essay starts by elegiac the sad fortune of poor Irish people. They spend their time looking for the food material to feed their children. Luckily, Swift has arisen with an excellent way to put the brats to use raise them as food for wealthy citizens.

Using your kids as food that is what we call satire. The usage of irony, humor, exaggeration/ridicule to depict & criticize people stupidity as there’s nothing modest about turning a sweet little child into tomorrow’s dinner. All in all, Swift suggested selling the kids in Ireland & consuming them for some general progress of the society.


We’re living in the society that holds way many people, thousands to die because of hunger every day. Many people make effort to keep their kids alive and away from starvation but desperation is everywhere around us. Mother no longer want to fight for they no more have, hope in their lives but death has become inevitable. It has come to our attention that we’ve to change and look for a solution, where will it be being huge from now one-year starving or in the next golden age. It has been proposed by “Jonathan Swift” that our solution is to dispose of unuseful things. There are at the moment weighing us down.

We have a huge number of kids that are not even gonna live for long. Just because of starvation and the limited quantity of food. While they’re still young & have not yet taken sources away we could eat them. This will solve hunger in our nation not only that but there would be fewer mouths to feed children though seen as cute chubby things, train our resources.

There’re so many of things, I said it before they will most likely die of hunger and/or become beggars, these are murderers. We do not need more negative impacts on our society. We can dispose of this by making them our meal at a young age. And we can eat their meat and do other qualities such as your skin. With their skin, it has been said that you will sell their skin and produce luxurious products out of them such as coats, purses, shoes, furniture items, blankets & much more. Not only would that solve with starvation our society but by solving them for about $10 each our profit might be made leading to a boost in our economy.

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