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Alice Through the Looking Glass Story Line:

“Alice Through the Looking Glass” is the novel of Lewis Carroll. The story of this novel begins the same manner as Alice in the Wonderland with Alice’s fantastic thoughts. Alice is sitting at home & playing with 3 kittens: Dinah, Snowdrop, and Kitty. The setting is mid-winter with the snow falling outside. Alice asks to the Kitty if she can play the Chess with her.

Alice notices that if kitty set-up & folded her arms, she would exactly look like a Red Queen. Then, Alice threatens to put Kitty in the mirror on the mantle. Alice imagines this mirror leads to “Looking Glass House”. This Looking Glass House is a mirror image of her house. So, everything is opposite in that world. Like the moth to flame, Alice climbs up on mantle and goes right through the mirror. She jumps down into parallel world of the looking-glass house. Here, she realizes things are quite different.

The chimney has a face, and chess pieces are walking around. When the “White Queen” rushes past the White King, she knocks him down. Alice instantly wanna help and picks them both up and moves them to where they were headed. But, this is disorientating for the small pieces and they are completely out of breath.


Next, Alice gets distracted by a curious book and finds it’s titled “Jabberwocky”. She walks out of house and into a beautiful garden in full summer. Alice tries to undertaking up a nearby hill to get a better view of the garden. But she keeps finding herself coming right back to the house. Getting frustrated, she wishes that the flowers in the garden could talk. To her surprise, that they can!

The “Red Queen” comes in and is very confrontational with Alice. Alice diffuses the tension a little, and they walk together to top of the hill. Alice gets short time to sit & lookout. She realizes that this land is divided like a giant chess board. The “Red Queen” grants Alice’s wished to be a pawn and tells her that she will be a pawn for the White Queen. The “Red Queen” adds that if Alice manages to reach to the 8th tile, at that point she will become a queen herself. As a pawn, Alice can go 2 spaces on her first move.

Next, Alice is on a train but finds herself without a ticket. After a moment, she feels the train rising up to jump over a small brook. Next moment, she finds herself next to the tree talking to a bug. She heads forward towards the 8th square. Alice needs to go throughout a forest where everything loses its name. She meets a fawn and walks with it until they reach an open field and the names of things return.

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Then, the fawn realizes that Alice is a human and Sprints away. Then, Alice meets Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They are twins, and each has the ending of their name written on their collar. Unfortunately, Tweedledee begins reading Alice the extensive poem he knows. The poem’s title is “The Walrus & the Carpenter”.

When the group sees the “Red King” napping on the grass, Alice asks the twins what he’s dreaming of. Here, Tweedledee says famous lines of the novel. He says that the “Red King” is dreaming of Alice. They warn her not to wake him up, otherwise, she will stop to exist. Then, the two twins prepare to fight until 6:00 p.m. when they will stop for dinner. But, a massive crow flies over which frightens them and Alice runs for the trees. In the woods, Alice runs into a terrified white Queen.

The Queen suggests to hire the Alice and give her jam every day. When Alice is confused about how she can receive Jam every day, but never today, the “White Queen” writes it up to living backward. The Queen elaborates and says that time runs backward here. For example, the King’s messenger is in prison. Now next week is his trial.

Humpty Dumpty:

And finally, after his trial, he will commit a crime. Alice looks up and she’s in a strange shop run by an old sheep. Alice wanna buy an egg, but when Alice goes to pick it up it just gets further and further away. Then, the egg starts growing and turns in Humpty Dumpty. She’s certain it’s Humpty Dumpty because he’s sitting high up on a narrow wall. Alice tries to be nice and advises him to get down from the wall but Humpty Dumpty is only rude to her.

Humpty Dumpty does help her translate the Jabberwocky book. Then, he falls and nearly all the king’s horses and men come to rescue him. Alice speaks with the king, his messengers, the unicorn & the lion but gets overwhelmed by the noise. She puts her hands over her head and wishes they would be quiet. And after a while, they all disappear. When she gets back up she marvels if she was only dreaming of them, but she finds a cake from their visit. Then, an enemy red Knight comes in and takes Alice as his prisoner. But, she’s rescued by a white knight. The white knight is clumsy, but they do make their way forward.

On their way, Alice asks if he made his own helmet – which he confesses that he did. Finally, Alice reaches the 8th & final step and she’s crowned a queen. When she meets up with the white and red Queen’s they claim that she cannot be a real Queen until she passes an examination. Then the 2 queens invite each other to Alice’s dinner-party later that afternoon. Then go to the dinner party, but the Queens keep up their confusing behavior. Listening to them is like trying to decipher a riddle. Alice gets frustrated, grabs the “Red Queen” and shakes her with all her might. Suddenly, she realizes the “Red Queen” was actually kitty.

The novel ends with Alice questioning who dreamed of who: her or the “Red King”?

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Alice Through the Looking Glass is the Children Literature that was originally published in 1871 by Lewis Carroll. The download links of this amazing novel are given below. You can easily get PDF, Kindle, and Epub Format.

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