Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland PDF eBook by Lewis Carroll

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland PDF eBook


Lewis Carroll published Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in 1865. It begins with Alice sitting alongside a river corner with her sister. Alice’s sister is reading a picture-less book, which bores Alice. Then, she saw a White Rabbit running right past her. The rabbit takes a look at his watch and exclaims that he’ll soon be late. After that, he jumps down the rabbit hole. This mysterious event intrigues Alice and she runs after him. She jumps behind the rabbit in the hole and is falling for quite a while. When she lands, she’s in a mysterious Hall. She runs behind the rabbit but loses sight of him. There was a tiny golden key on a table.

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At first, she thinks it might go to the door, but the key is quite small to fit the doors locks. She looks through a keyhole and sees a magnificent garden. There was a little bottle that has “Drink Me” written on it. She does so and shrinks to only 10-inches in height. Alice wants to get into the garden but realizes she forgot the key on the table. Next, there was a small cake with the words “Eat Me” written on it. After a while, she begins growing until her head smacks the roof. This causes her to start crying gallons of tears, given her size. The White Rabbit comes back with a large fan and pair of gloves.

To her surprise, she has begun shrinking again and is now two feet tall. She shrinks further and slips into a saltwater sea of her tears. Alice finds a mouse in the sea but offends it after she talks about how her cat could eat him. Even more, animals fall into the sea. Yet, they all make it to dry ground. They all want to get dry, so the animals suggest a caucus-race. The rules are that they all run in a circle and everyone is a winner. And Dodo Bird wants to give out prizes, so they asked Alice what she has in her pocket. All she has our little pieces of candy, and a thimble. The animals take the candy and Alice get her thimble back as a prize. Then everyone goes their different ways after Alice mentions her cat.

In the next chapter, the rabbit looks for the white gloves and the fan that he lost. When he sees Alice, she looks like his maid to him. He commands her to run got to his home & fetch him a new set of the gloves & a fan for the Duchess. She runs to his house and gets the items, but then gets distracted by a vial with no label. She drinks it and starts to grow which makes it impossible to escape from house. The rabbit comes to the house, tries to get Alice out. A crowd has grown and they throw pebbles, some of those hit her. They turn in cakes what she eats and finally shrinks. She runs into the woods to think about her next move.

Unfortunately, she runs into a puppy that is much larger than she is. Alice runs and finds a Caterpillar sitting atop a mushroom smoking the hookah. She tells the caterpillar about how she wishes she was her size. Then, the caterpillar packs up and goes to leave. On his way out, caterpillar tells her mushroom’s one side will make her smaller and the other side taller. A pigeon flies over and blames her for being a serpent, which she denies.

Finally, Alice regains her normal size. Then, Alice sees a fish-footman run out of the woods. He has brought her an invitation into playing Croquet with Queen. She approaches the Queen’s house and walks in. Everyone was sneezing from all the pepper in the soup, which Alice noted. Then she spots Cheshire Cat with his constant grin. The Duchess hands her baby to the Alice and leaves to go and getting read into playing croquet with a queen. Then, the baby turns into a pig. Alice asks Cheshire, Cat for directions. He tells her where the march here and mad hatter live. Then he vanishes. His grin leftovers behind even after his body have left.

Alice goes to March’s home and joins their tea party where it is always 6 pm. It has been this way since Mad Hatter sang at Queen of Hearts concert. She became enraged and yelled that “he’s murdering the time! and said off with his head!”. This is one of the Queen’s most famous lines and is never actually done. Later, Alice leaves angry at the Mad Hatter’s rudeness.

Then, Alice comes into Queen’s garden. She sees the Queen’s gardeners painting roses with a red paint. She heads into playing croquet and finds a strange scene. The players use flamingos for mallets, hedgehogs for balls, and soldiers stacked up for the goals. The Queen gets mad at Cheshire Cat and orders his head cut off. But since his smile is so big it makes it impossible. Then, Queen asks Alice to see mock Turtle. To get there, Alice rides at Gryphon. Mock Turtle told her about how he was the real turtle. Then, Alice has shown Lobster Quadrille which is a bizarre dance where they throw a lobster into the sea.

In last chapter, Alice arrives at a courthouse where knave of the Hearts is being tried. His crime is stealing Queen’s tarts. Alice tips over the jury-box and the King declares that trial can’t continue until all jurors are returned. The Queen demands a verdict from Alice. When she refuses the playing cards rush at her. Then Alice hears her sister say “wake up, Alice dear! Why what a long sleep you’ve had!”.

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