Adult Novels

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1850) – Download

What’s this book about? Anyway, well it’s about lots of things. It’s about human nature versus the institution man puts in place to suppress human nature. It’s about forbidden love in time whilst it wasn’t frowned upon, it was illegal. It is about the heavy toll guilt and secrets take on the body, mind, and soul of person. It’s a ...

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Forever by Judy Blume – Read eBook Online for Free

 Forever by Judy Blume: It’s actually a very very controversial book from its time. It was written in the mid-70s and it still applies to today. Judy Blume‘s book Forever what to be a very graphic book because of its nature sexually with teenagers. This novel has been really controversial. It’s very short and the idea behind it is that ...

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Treasure Island PDF Novel by Robert Louis Stevenson – Short Summary

 Treasure Island PDF Treasure Island PDF is the novel written by famous novelist Robert Louis Stevenson. Basically, it was published on November 14, 1883. The novel’s main protagonist is a younger boy named Jim Hawkins who lives at the Admiral, Benbow Inn with his mother. Now one day, an old sea captain named Billy Bones comes to the Inn. Jim and ...

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