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Alice Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll Pdf

 Alice Through the Looking Glass Story Line: “Alice Through the Looking Glass” is the novel of Lewis Carroll. The story of this novel begins the same manner as Alice in the Wonderland with Alice’s fantastic thoughts. Alice is sitting at home & playing with 3 kittens: Dinah, Snowdrop, and Kitty. The setting is mid-winter with the snow falling outside. ...

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The Hunting of the Snark PDF Poem by Lewis Carroll

 The Hunting of the Snark The Hunting of the Snark is basically a poem of famous writer Lewis Carroll. It’s divided into eight different verses. 1. “The Landing” The first one is titled “The Landing”. The group of people has landed on dry ground. They include the bellman, the maker of bonnets, the barrister, the broker, the billiard marker, the ...

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Who Moved My Cheese? PDF Book by Spencer Johnson

 Who Moved My Cheese? You should go read Who Moved My Cheese? seriously because it is life-changing. It definitely has some amazing points but honestly, it’s just short, it took me like 45 minutes maybe an hour to read. So, it had so many so many things packed into that small amount of time. Seriously in the time, you ...

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Frankenstein PDF Novel by Mary Shelley – Summary

 Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus  The Gothic Novel, Frankenstein PDF is written by famous and incredible novelist Mary Shelley. This novel was basically published in 1818. We will definitely share the download links of this short novel here. When Mary Shelley was 18-years-old, had brilliantly written the compelling story. It got much of the fame just after the publications. Characters of Frankenstein ...

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 LEAST FAVORITE BOOKS OF 2017 Here I am to discuss some worst books that I read in 2017, also you can say these are the books that disappointed me the most and let me down. Possibly they were awful, maybe they just weren’t what I wanted them to be. But these were books that were not an enjoyable reading ...

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 FAVORITE BOOKS OF 2017 These are my favorite books that I’ve read in 2017. Here are the books that have been naughty and nice to me. I just find it tough to rank that there are different things that I liked about all of these. So, I found hard to put out like numerical value and rank something higher ...

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