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The Great Gatsby www.pdfland.us

The Great Gatsby PDF by F. Scott Fitzgerald – Free Download

 The Great Gatsby: The Great Gatsby is novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby is described by Nick Carraway. It was once Jay Gatsby’s neighbor. Nick Caraway the young-man from Midwest moves towards East in the NY in 1922 try to make it in bond business. Also, he rents the house located with a nice scene of bay. ...

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War And Peace www.pdfland.us

War and Peace PDF eBook Free Download

Cover and Font: Firstly, you see on the cover of War and Peace, it is Napoleon on a horse and I think that this is kind of an insult to what the book represents to the Russian culture. It is an insult to Tolstoy because if you read the novel you will see what is Tolstoy’s opinion about Napoleon and ...

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Pride and Prejudice PDF www.pdfland.us

Pride and Prejudice PDF Book by Jane Austen (Online)

Pride and Prejudice PDF Pride and Prejudice is the Romantic novel that was written by famous and incredible novelist Jane Austen. Pride & Prejudice is a vintage classics edition, it is 368 pages long and contains 61 chapters. It was first published on 28 January 23, 1813, by Thomas Egerton. Basically, the book revolves around Bennet’s family. There’s Mr. Bennet, ...

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Great Expectations PDF www.pdfland.us

Great Expectations PDF by Charles Dickens – Free Download

Great Expectations PDF This is a summary of the novel “Great Expectations“ written by incredible novelist Charles Dickens. This novel was published in 1860. The story of novel starts with Pip. Pip is an orphan, his sister and her husband Joe lives with him. Joe is a blacksmith. He made pip his apprentice and it was going to be a ...

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