Romance Novels

Wuthering Heights PDF by Emily Brontë

 Characters: If you’re totally confused by the caste of Wuthering Heights, you’re not alone. That’s because everyone is related and shares same name. But don’t worry! don’t panic! You can easily get by if you remember four names (two couples) in Wuthering Heights: Catherine & Heathcliff and Catherine & Hareton. Catherine & Heathcliff are the two characters around whom ...

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Pride and Prejudice PDF Book by Jane Austen (Online)

 Pride and Prejudice PDF It is the Romantic novel that was written by famous and incredible novelist Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice is a vintage classics edition, it is 368 pages long and contains 61 chapters. It was first published on 28 January 23, 1813, by Thomas Egerton. Basically, the book revolves around Bennet’s family. There’s Mr. Bennet, Mrs. ...

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Sense and Sensibility PDF By Jane Austen – Book Summary

 Sense and Sensibility PDF is Jane Austen’s second novel and it is quite a departure from her first novel “Northanger Abbey”. The thing that struck about Northanger Abbey is how simplistic it is and Sense and Sensibility has two main protagonists who share equal screen time. It was actually her 1st published work, it took place back in 1811. ...

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