Jane Austen Biography

Jane Austen Biography: Jane Austen wrote many epic love stories “Pride and Prejudice” among several other works such as: “Sense and Sensibility” “Northanger Abbey” “Mansfield Park” “Emma” “Persuasion” She was the greatest British female writer of the 18th-century through today. She was admired for her characters and comedy. Her devotion to depicting ordinarily recognizable and often chaotic doings of daily ...

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William Shakespeare Biography

William Shakespeare Shakespeare was born… well, nobody actually knows, but it is gambled that he was truly born April 23, 1564. Due to the tiny Shakey being baptized on April 26 (of the same year). So little William Shakespeare was born right about here in England in the market medieval town of Stratford-upon-Avon (Previously Strafford-on-Avon). Shakespeare was born during the ...

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Charlotte, Emily & Anne Bronte Biography

Charlotte, Emily & Anne Bronte Biography Charlotte, Emily & Anne Bronte are among the most important novelists in English literature. To find a one brilliant writer in a family is rare. To find three is unique, what makes their story all the more remarkable is that their lives were so limited and so short. Their father named, Patrick Bronte came ...

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Charles Dickens Biography

Charles Dickens Biography: Charles Dickens was very popular & most widely read author of his time. The words Dickensian and Victorian are almost interchangeable. His stories help change public and political attitudes to various issues during the 1800s. He was born in Portsmouth, one of seven children. The family moved towards London in 1815 when Charles Dickens was three. The ...

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