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PDF Version & Ebooks of Dracula are freely available online. You can find the download links in this page. This Gothic Horror Novel is written by Bram Stoker. It is full of scares English novel. Bram Stoker published his novel in 1897.

The website of Bram Stoker is: www.bramstoker.org

Dracula-by-Bram-Stoker-www.pdfland.usDracula PDF Book by Bram Stoker

Jonathan Harker is an English solicitor, or lawyer, traveling to castle of Count Dracula in the Transylvania because the count is buying Carfax Abbey in England. Harker records all details of trip in his journal for his fiancee named Mina Murray. His journey to Dracula’s castle is frightening with madly galloping horses pulling the careening coach over steep mountain roads and evading snarling wolves.

When Jonathan arrives, Count Dracula is a pale, aged man dressed in black. His enormous castle is richly furnished, dark and empty. He and Harker talk for a while but at dawn, Dracula quickly leaves. Harker is shaving when Dracula unexpectedly appears behind him. Startled, Harker cuts himself and realizes the count has no reflection in the mirror. Harker grabs a crucifix and Dracula backs down but breaks the mirror.

Harker realizes he’s the prisoner in this castle. He finds Dracula sleeping in one of the many wooden boxes in the vaults below the castle & realizes the count is a supernatural monster. The boxes are later filled with earth, nailed shut, and loaded onto wagons by gypsies. The count is leaving for England and Harker cannot stop him.

Jonathan Harker’s fiancée, Mina Murray, and her dear friend Lucy Westenra exchange letters. Lucy is engaged to Arthur Holmwood. Dr. Seward, the rejected suitor by Lucy, runs lunatic asylum beside Carfax Abbey and has the dangerous patient named Renfield.

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Mina has not heard from Jonathan in a month. Lucy has resumed her childhood habit of walking in her sleep. Dr. Seward notes that Renfield is capturing spiders, flies, and sparrows and eating them raw. During the storm, the Demeter runs aground in the harbor. Only the captain is on board & he is dead, tied to the wheel and holding a crucifix. A huge dog leaps down from the deck and runs towards the town. The cargo consists of fifty “wooden boxes” filled with earth. Mina discovers Lucy sleepwalking up on a hill.

A tall, dark figure with white face & red eyes bends over her. Lucy has puncture marks on her throat and grows very weak. Dr. Seward says she suffers from the lack of blood. Mina finally gets word that Jonathan is seriously ill in the hospital located in Budapest, Hungary. She goes to him and they’re married in the hospital.

Seward’s colleague, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, arrives. He is shocked by Lucy’s hideous deathly appearance and wounded throat. Van Helsing gives her repeated blood transfusions from her fiancé in suitors and places “Garlic Flowers” in her room. Mina and Jonathan Harker returned from Budapest, Hungary. Renfield escapes the asylum and becomes violent. Van Helsing believes Lucy is dying & sends for the Arthur Holmwood, her fiancé. The monstrous Lucy behaves seductively towards him but then collapses and briefly looks like herself again.

Arthur kisses her just before she dies. Jonathan Harker believes he has seen a younger Count Dracula in London. Van Helsing places the garlic flowers & crucifix in Lucy’s coffin & tells Seward that they’ll have to remove her heart & head. They soon learn that the crucifix has been stolen from the coffin.

Days later, a newspaper reports that several small children have gone missing. Some return with injured throats and stories of a “Bloofer Lady” (a beautiful lady) who took them. A horrified Mina reads Jonathan’s journal. Van Helsing contacts Mina to learn more about Lucy’s illness and Mina shows him the journal. Harker agrees to help defeat Count Dracula. Van Helsing said Lucy is now the vampire. He takes Holmwood & another former suitor, Quincey Morris, to destroy her. They see her in vampire form dragging a half-dead child but she escapes them.

Later, when she is yet again in her coffin, Arthur — her fiancé — stakes her through the heart. She shrieks and thrashes but soon looks like her normal self again. Van Helsing cuts-off her head and she is finally at peace. Dr. Seward realizes that Renfield’s violent episodes are somehow linked to the count. Harker learns that the 50 large boxes of the Earth on board the wrecked Demeter were delivered to Carfax Abbey — Dracula’s new property.

Van Helsing reminds the others that they are men of science, while Dracula is a cursed monster. They take garlic, stakes, crucifixes, communion wafers, and holy water to Carfax Abbey. But it is overrun with rats and Dracula is not there. Harker sees that Mina is pale & weak. She has dreamed of a frightening mist that seemed to have two red eyes. Renfield has been badly beaten at the asylum. He says Dracula came to his window and Renfield invited him in, but when Dracula returned Renfield refused him and was smashed to the ground. Fearing for Mina, Van Helsing & Seward go to Harker’s apartments.

They find Jonathan unconscious and Mina being forced to drink Dracula’s blood. The men raised crucifixes and Dracula vanishes as a mist, but Mina is entirely under his control now — just as Lucy was. Van Helsing of Transylvanian earth so the vampire cannot hide in them but only 49 of fifty boxes are there. Hoping to use the connection among Mina and the vampire, Van Helsing hypnotizes her at dawn.

She states that Dracula is asleep on an anchored ship. Dracula means to escape to Transylvania on the Czarina Catherine, which has already sailed. The men take the train crossways Europe to the intercepted ship. Mina goes with them so that they might use her to help track the Count, but he breaks the link. The vampire hunters agree to go to Dracula’s castle and wait for him there. Approaching the castle, Mina becomes increasingly depraved just as Lucy did.

Van Helsing draws the ring around her in dirt & places communion wafers in it. The brides of Dracula approach but the ring & wafers stop them. Van Helsing goes alone to castle, where he destroys the brides. The count closed up in a box is being brought to the castle & a wagon by gypsies. In the wild chase the box falls out and the lid comes off, revealing Count Dracula.

In the struggle, Quincey Morris is killed but so is Count Dracula. His body turns to dust and blows away, freeing all of them to live in peace.

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