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It’s actually a very very controversial book from its time. It was written in the mid-70s and it still applies to today. Judy Blume‘s book Forever what to be a very graphic book because of its nature sexually with teenagers. This novel has been really controversial. It’s very short and the idea behind it is that the 1st person you fall in love with is not always the person that you end up with. That’s such an important thing to know as the teenager. Because let’s be real, most like as girls they meet one boy and whether he’s mine he’s mine forever and then things happen. It’s so heartbreaking but you have to remember their other people out there.

This book just really encompasses that and you will definitely like it. That is it for the non-spoilery section. So, I’m about to get sputtering with forever this book. I’m so used to reading Love’s things from ye or seeing it on TV where a main couple will get together be together forever. And well in like, let’s be real that doesn’t happen in real life. It doesn’t always happen and in this book, it’s very the controversial parts of it are the sex parts. Because most books in this time didn’t talk about birth control & didn’t talk about abortion & didn’t talk about things like that or weren’t explicit in sex scenes talking about like what happened and what they did. And now time this is nothing like you could read this at 12 and you’ll be fine.

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Forever is basically written from the perspective of a teenager and it questions whether the main character Katherine Danziger should wait to become sexually active with her boyfriend. The story set in New Jersey in 1970. Katherine wants to wait until she’s ready to lose her virginity in her senior year of the high school. And only months away from graduating. She took a decision to lose her virginity just before she goes to college. So, it is her senior year of the high school when Katherine Danziger meets the charming boy Michael Wagener for the first time. After the party of New Year, Katherine realizes that he’s not like the other boys that she’s met especially not that jerk Tommy Aronson who she thought she was in love with & they start dating. They build a relationship with what they believe will last forever.

Katherine and Michael having sex for the first time. Michael was not a virgin, he had sex before. There’s actually a part in here, where he had caught a venereal disease from the girl that he had sex with before. She was only a summer fling & then he didn’t even know her last name. Katherine who the story is told from her point of view is a virgin. She’s only ever had, one boyfriend. He was always pushing her, pushing her, pushing her to have sex. So, she broke up with him because she couldn’t stand it anymore.

In this book, she explains everything to her mother. She has lots of deep conversations with her mom and she explains each & every thing to her mother that he’s not in it all for sex and granted. I don’t think he was in it all for sex but in my mind, he was little, he was still pushy like every time they got together he’d be like oh take off your shirt and she’d be like no no no, I just need to lie next to you. When he broke her heart, she realizes now that she wasn’t in love with him. But she really felt that way at the time.

It’s hell midway through book that the relationship was definitely not going to last just because it feels it’s not going anywhere but gather making each other happy. But I don’t think they gonna make each other happy for a very long time. And it obviously that happened but the reason that the split was because of Katherine she met Theo. When her grandpa died of a stroke and she wrote the letter to Michael and then Michael wrote letters back and she stopped replying. Because she was like nothing happened between her and Theo really. But she had feelings and she felt bad. Because she’s like Oh my Gosh! Michael! Oh, Michael! oh and he ended-up surprising her and coming to visit. When he did, she ended-up telling him.

Then at the end, they saw each other & it was sort of sad. Because they had a little run-in almost not and fight or anything. I was just sad to see that because it’s like two people who were together and its breakups. And then the book ends that’s sad but it sorts of led to believe that Theo might be true love after first love which is sort of interesting.


Judy is a wonderful children’s writer. I did love with lots of her children’s books from when I was younger. However, for being her first young adult book, the characters. the way she describes her characters, everything was just amazing.

I like this novel because there are great things in it. Firstly, it talks about being pressured for sex which I feel is something that eats free because it happened. So often and she kept putting off and putting it off and putting it off and it finally did happen. But they use protection and they were safe the entire time. I feel, lots of the books just don’t have that in there and I understand in the time people didn’t really do that, I mean they did but they didn’t. I just really have too much respect for Katherine, because she didn’t. She waited until and unless she was ready. Yes! she was pressured into certain things but it wasn’t terrible.

You will definitely enjoy this book when you read it. It is a short book include 192 pages. It will take probably five-hours to read the whole thing from beginning to end. You will love with every detail like oh I felt like that. You will love with emotions that bloom talks about as Katherine is going through all of these different questions that she keeps asking herself whether or not to have sex with her boyfriend. And when she decides to if it’s the right thing and what’s and all these different things.

I think that lots of the teenage girls can relate to book perhaps they could even feel as though someone understands them. Maybe that’s what these girls need the most. It’s just someone to understand that I think that maybe in the counseling profession this book could come in handy when the girls are coming in and asking for birth control or different things and trying to figure out if they should become sexually active I just love this book I would recommend it to anyone who ever questioned it and I it’s such a good Read.


This book has been frequently banned. It was created in 1975 and since then it’s been on the banned books lists in high schools and at public libraries for a while now. It’s banned usually because of its sexuality and the issues dealing with drug use. But it explores what it’s like to be in love at the time they love for the first time. It’s a coming-of-age book set in the 1970’s.

So, if you are interested in reading about what it’s like to be a graduating teenager at the time of 1970s, this is really a great book to pick up. Kathrine and Michael are hot heavy for a while. But they soon face that they will be separated for the summer. They don’t know if their love can last through that can it last a summer-long summer apart or it can last Forever.

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