Frankenstein PDF Novel by Mary Shelley – Summary

Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus 

Frankenstein-PDF-www.pdfland.usThe Gothic Novel, Frankenstein PDF is written by famous and incredible novelist Mary Shelley. This novel was basically published in 1818. We will definitely share the download links of this short novel here. When Mary Shelley was 18-years-old, had brilliantly written the compelling story. It got much of the fame just after the publications.

Characters of Frankenstein PDF:

  1. Frankenstein’s Monster
  2. Dr. Henry Clerval
  3. Elizabeth Lavenza
  4. Victor Frankenstein
  5. Captain Walton


Frankenstein PDF begins when a young captain Walton takes a ship into Arctic Ocean. He’s hoping to make important scientific discoveries. His ship gets stranded for some days when a sheet of ice forms all around it. To his amazement, he and his crew see a gigantic man about eight feet tall driving a dog sled across the ice until it disappears in the distance. A little later, they see a normal-sized man on another dogsled chasing the first one. This man is almost dead from exhaustion and exposure. So, they take him aboard. The man is Victor Frankenstein, Walton becomes friends with him and while Frankenstein is recovering he tells Walton his story.

Frankenstein grew-up in Geneva. His father was an important man of the government and they were well off. He grew-up with his cousin Elizabeth, whose parents expected him to marry eventually. His little brother named William. He had a best friend Henry Clerval. Frankenstein went to a famous University in Ingolstadt, where he becomes too much good at science. He figures out scientifically how to bring something to life. Though he won’t tell us what the secret is.

Frankenstein makes a creature using parts from a graveyard. On a rainy night in November, he brings it to life but he’s so horrified by it that he runs away. Next day, his friend Clerval arrives at University to start his studies. But Frankenstein becomes ill and Clerval spends all winter nursing him. Just as he’s getting better at the beginning of spring he gets the letter telling him that his younger brother William is been killed.

Justine, a servant in his house whom everyone always liked was arrested. Because William had been carrying a locket that was found on her. So, Frankenstein heads home. Just before he arrives home, he sees the monster from a distance. He knows that monster killed his brother. Frankenstein watches Justine’s trial and his cousin Elizabeth testifies that she’s too nice to have done this. But she’s convicted & sentenced to death. Frankenstein has to watch her die.

Frankenstein goes with his family on a trip. And one day, when he went to mountain climbing by himself. monster come to him and makes him sit down & listen to his story. Frankenstein would rather kill him but he listens. The monster describes how he, came, to life completely disoriented. He does not know, how he can speak or understand language. And he had to get used to feel of his own body and to figure out basic concepts like light & dark, heat & cold, and hunger & thirst. He eventually wandered out into forest. Where he could hide and look for berries and nuts.

The first human he sees is an old man in a hut. Who runs away in terror because monster is so hideous. He’s fascinated by the first village. He walks into but the residents are terrified and they drive him off by throwing things at him. Then he finally finds shelter in this little shed built up on the side of a cottage. He can look through the crack and observe the people who live there. But they don’t know he’s there. These people are called the De Lacey, a brother and sister named Felix and Agatha and their blind old father, who plays the guitar. The creature sees their love want to be like them. He starts learning language by listening to them speak French.

Once Arabian lady Safie arrives. Safie doesn’t speak English or know much about European culture. So, Felix teaches her everything from vocabulary and reading to history. Then monster learns with her. He learns to write and read and about good & evil and about history of human societies. In the woods, he finds three books, Paradise Lost, Sorrows of Young Werther, and Plutarch’s Lives. And he reads the papers that were in Frankenstein’s dressing-gown. Which reveal who Frankenstein is, where he lives. And how he went to make a monster. The monster starts to hate him for giving, him such an awful lonely existence and abandoning him. Since he’s too ugly to make friends with anyone.

Eventually, monster learns the story of these people. De Lacey was a rich family in Paris but Felix helped a wealthy Turk escape from prison. Because he feels sorry for them. So, the government took De Lacey family’s money and banished them. And they went to live in cottage. The Turk did escape from prison but he abandoned Felix afterward. But the Turk’s daughter Safie had fallen in love with Felix. So, she escaped coming marry him.

The monster wants to be friends with the De Lacey. And he decides that if he talks to old man first, old man will listen because he’s blind. When the others leave, he pretends to be a traveler and speaks to De Lacey. And it’s going okay until Agatha, Felix, & Safie come back. The women are horrified & Felix drives the monster off with a stick.

At first, the monster goes out into woods and decides that he’s going to declare war on humans. But morning he cools down & decides to go back and try again. But he finds Felix giving up the lease and he never sees De Lacey again. Which makes him feel doubly rejected. He came back at the night and destroys the cottage. Then he starts a long walk to Geneva to try to find his creator. He gets shot while on the way there. But because he stops to help a woman who’s drowning. When he arrives at Geneva, he grabs the little boy. Thinking that he can use the boy to learn his way around. But when this boy mentions his father’s name was Frankenstein, monster murdered him to take revenge from Frankenstein.

You might notice that there is an inconsistency in this story here. Because Victor made the creature in November, then got sick all winter. William got killed the coming spring maybe six months later. But the creature spends a whole year at the cottage and he kills William more like eighteen months after being created. So, there’s a difference of a year between two stories.

Just to be even more hateful, he puts the locket William was carrying in Justine’s pocket knowing she’ll be condemned for murder. The monster insists that Frankenstein, make a female like him. So, he’ll have a companion. He promises to go with her to South America and threatens to kill many people of Frankenstein won’t do it. So, Frankenstein agrees.

Frankenstein decided to go on a long trip and work on this monster away from home. So, he and Kirwin go on a long trip through Germany, England, and Scotland. He eventually rents a little cottage on remote island in Scotland to do the work. But he gets disgusted and destroys the new creature before it’s finished. The monster came to know what he is doing and is furious that Frankenstein broke his promise. The monster swears he’ll get revenge and says I’ll be with you on your wedding night.

Frankenstein takes all the parts and puts them in a basket then sails out in a bow at Knight and dumps it all. Then he went to sleep in the boat. When he came ashore he’s in Ireland and the people arrest him. someone strangled his friend Kirwin and they think Frankenstein did it. He becomes sick again because he’s so upset that monster killed another of his friends and a magistrate has nursed him back to health. He’s eventually released since he didn’t kill Kirwin.

He goes back home and he marries Elizabeth like they’ve been planning their whole lives. He thinks monster is going to murder him on his wedding night. So, he sits-up waiting with a gun but the monster actually kills Elizabeth. His father dies of grief soon afterward. So, Victor has lost everybody. He spends all of his life to find out the monster destroying it but the monster keeps going farther & farther North. Until they’re chasing each other on dogsleds far out to sea. After he tells Walton the whole story, he dies.

The monster comes onboard the boat to pay a final farewell to Frankenstein. He tells Walton, he is going to set himself on fire and destroy himself. Because he didn’t mean to be bad. Walton winds up taking the ship back home partly. Because the crew makes him & partly because Frankenstein story tells the scientific discovery isn’t worth sacrificing your life for.

One of the major questions of book is, how much we should blame Frankenstein for what happens and how much on monster? Critics like to share all the things that are wrong with Frankenstein because he was irresponsible and created this monster for no good reason. Then he abandoned his creation beside of helping it. And he was careless, about protecting his friends.

Readers tend to see monster more a fault though because even he takes lots of bad breaks being frightening Lee ugly. And misunderstood his plan to murder a child that’s just evil. He keeps killing people out of spite or for revenge.

Another question is whether the creature is naturally good like he claims to be and what it is that makes him become evil his own choices or things that happened to him.

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