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Great Expectations PDF www.pdfland.usThis is a summary of the novel Great Expectations written by incredible novelist Charles Dickens. This novel was published in 1860. The story of novel starts with Pip. Pip is an orphan, his sister and her husband Joe lives with him. Joe is a blacksmith. He made pip his apprentice and it was going to be a blacksmith like Joe.

In the novel, Pip meets with a man by name of Magwitch who is escaped convict and this convict asked it for food and pip gives him food. Pip go to this woman’s house by name of Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham is quite weird, she wears her wedding dress all day long. She’s also very rich. She has an adopted daughter by the name of Estella and pip likes her. After visiting Miss Havisham for several times, it develops this idea that Havisham wants him to be educated. And then once he becomes an educated and wealthy individual, he can then marry Estella. Which out of creating this idea for himself, he felt very comfortable with it. Because Pip did love Estella and he wanted to be with her.

This idea of pip did come through tuition partially when a lawyer comes through to Pip and says that someone had left a big fortune in his name & that he had to go to London. And to get educated to obtain this fortune. So, when Pip goes to London, he gets education and he becomes somewhat of a student. And he starts to build this life for himself where he’s going to become smart, wealthy individual.

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Joe does come to visit pip and pip is kind of disgusted. Because Joe is not as classy as him and pip wants to be around classy people. Which is kind of sad because when pip was down and didn’t have any parents and he didn’t have any family members. Joe was the one who takes care of him along with Pip’s sister. They take care of him and to be treated Pip like their own child. And as soon as Pip got into power or into a place where he’s wealthy, He’s looking down on people as if they’re not classy enough and they’re not sophisticated enough.

In London, Pip does go to the Miss Havisham to see her and while he’s there he does declare his affection for Estella. But Estella rejects him which really hurts Pip. After this declaration is done, his full scene is done and Pip did declare his love and all this kind of stuff. He does go back and visit Miss Havisham for one time more and after done talking, Miss Havisham say sorry for what she did to Pip. Because she is very cold woman and she made Estella to be very cold individual as well towards men. Miss Havisham, the reason why she’s wearing a wedding dress. It’s because she was stood up at her own wedding so since that day she’s promised to make men pay for what she feels.

So, Estella is a very attractive woman. She has rejected many men with power and with money. So, Pip does go to see her and have the last conversation. After this conversation, Miss Havisham does apologize to Pip. After the conversation, her wedding dress catches on the fire because she was very close to a fire display and her wedding Dress catches on fire. And she dies after that, he goes back towards London and he finds out Miss Havisham was not his benefactor, in fact, it was the convict. That he gave food to at start of novel.

So basically, after this takes place, Pip figures out that the convict is not even supposed to be in London not back into country to prove to the pip that he was the only one giving him the money all this time. And when they tried to smuggle the conflict out of London, they find the officials find out and they bring him to justice. Where the convict died because he was a very old man and he wasn’t. In the right physical or mental state for escaping via four days in London. So, the convict dies.

Pip loses everything that he owned and he goes to Joe of course. Before he returned to Joe, pip stayed in his apartment. He was suffering from a rough time and Joe did come to Pip to see him and nursed him back to health. Joe paid all of his debt because he was accumulating lots of debt when he was in London. He was partying, he was spending lots of money.

So, after picked, Joe does leave Pip and Pip is back on his feet not in terms of money but in terms of health. Pip does go back to the where Joe lived. And before going back he was thinking that he was going there just to propose to Biddy. Biddy is a woman that lived with Joe. Biddy was taking care of Pip’s sister when she was struck by a worker that worked with Joe. And she was basically disabled since then and Biddy was taking care of her.

So, Pip sister did die and Biddy was in the house of Joe and one thing led to another. Biddy & Joe just living in the house together. When pip got there and his mind thing was oh I am going to propose to Biddy because she was my best friend. She was there always there by my side so I wanted to be with her. But nobody had made arrangements for Joe to get married and they get married.

Basically, Pip ends up by himself he does meet Estella at end of this novel and they do have some conversation. The book has two endings, some people say they end up together and some say they don’t. And pip just ends-up going off with one of his friends and they start a business together. So, the novel has many more parts but this is a basic overview of what happens and a basic summary.

Analysis of Great Expectations:

Great Expectations PDF analysisIf we come to discuss the analysis part, if you look at the title Great Expectationsyou know it’s very deceiving. Because the pip does not become this great rich individual. I think one thing we all need to see when we look at the analysis part of this novel is that sometimes people believe that they are entitled to things and we need to have stuff or we are entitled to riches of the world. After inviting to house of Miss Havisham, Pip automatically believes that old Miss Havisham’s going to make me into something important. And yes! okay, I am going to marry a pretty girl who doesn’t work like that.

Many people have this idea that the world is gonna give them riches and the world is going to make them famous or successful. But for most people that is not the case. Many people don’t step out of the trenches and become rich. Most people stay in the trenches all of their lives. Not saying that some don’t become great or have great opportunities in their lives. But if you want to be realistic, most people do not become millionaires or rich or in the upper class and their lifetimes. They usually just work their entire lives and then fade away.

Pip had this idea that I am above everything. Joe & his sister even though it has been probably had a pretty much happy life together. Pip didn’t want that he didn’t want Biddy at first. When Biddy did have some kind of affection towards him, he wanted to be rich. He wanted to have the riches of life. There’s nothing wrong with that but when you step on the people who take care of you when you were nothing, it just looks bad.

So, this novel is very good in a way that we’ve to stop thinking that we’re entitled to things. And we should be benefactors of the riches of the world, it’s not like that. If we want something, yes! we can fight for it. Maybe through school or through hardships of the life. But if we think that everything is going to be given on to us it’s a lie that you believe in. If you really think that the world is going to be handed to you.

And that’s what happened to pip because even though after everything went bad for him. He said okay! let me go back to Biddy. She liked me at first maybe I can get married to her and have a happy ending. But that’s not true, just because Estella rejected that doesn’t mean Biddy was waiting there for you. Life doesn’t revolve around one person. And I get that feeling that pip believed that the world of all revolved around him and the decisions that he made. For everything that he decided to do blew up in his face.

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