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Jane Austen Biography:Jane_Austen_Novels

Jane Austen wrote many epic love stories “Pride and Prejudice” among several other works such as:

She was the greatest British female writer of the 18th-century through today. She was admired for her characters and comedy. Her devotion to depicting ordinarily recognizable and often chaotic doings of daily life was shown in her books.

Family Life:Jane-Austen-Family-www.pdfland.us

It was all about the fame of “Jane Austen”. She is the young girl with a wildly creative imagination. She was actually born in 16 December 1775 to two lovely parents named George Austen and Cassandra Leigh. By the time, she came into the picture, her parents had already had seven other children before her. Her siblings are James, Edward, Cassandra, Francis William, George, Jane, Henry Thomas, and Charles John.

They didn’t have enough money especially with eight kids in the house. They survived on 200-pounds the year after most of her brothers left for the Navy and other endeavors. And 500-pounds after her father’s death. So, she became especially close to Cassandra. She was her first supporter when Jane started writing. They were best friends’ inseparable even. At very young age, Jane was interested in literature. Her family had 500-volumes in their family library. She became very sensible to charms of the style, cultivation of her language.

In December of 1786, she started to write her 1st draft of juvenilia and by June 3rd, 1793 she had finished it. She was much excited about writing. She wanna start writing another story. Jane starts and finishes some stories here and there but nothing to be excited about.

Jane’s Mr. Darcy

In December 1795, she was 20-years-old. She’s written a few things but not much. It is really hard to get in around here in this little town. Jane’s friend introduced her to this Irishman, who was very gentlemanlike, Pleasant, good-looking, young man. His name was Tom Lefroy. He’s just swept off her feet. They flirted with one another and it got quite serious. She even supposed he was gonna make an offer of marriage but that was never gonna happen. When her friend learned of how serious their relationship was becoming, she whisked him away. Jane was devastated, Jane believed he loved to her but after too many years he would tell his family that he did love her but then it was only a boy love.

She was too much upset and she decided to create a story where two sisters were very poor but fall intensely in love and marry two very wealthy men & live well ever after. She wouldn’t call this work first impressions or “Pride and Prejudice”. Although, she would not have some suitors and marriage proposals, she remains unmarried for her remaining life. After she finished first impressions in August 1797, she continued to write her famous works like “Elinor and Marianne” that will later become “Sense and Sensibility” and “Susan” that later become “Northanger Abbey”.

Moving to Bath:

A year after, she started the writing Susan, her father retires as the clergyman & says that all family is moving to Bath. She cannot make herself to write. She hates to be there in bath, but it’s been much long and she essentially do something. So, she writes, she starts writing “The Watsons”. She can’t appear to make herself to end it. They finally lead Bath after her father’s death & settle in Southampton, where they stayed for several years till they move to Chawton.

Her Writing Gets Published:

She couldn’t believe it; her writing was finally published. “Sense and Sensibility” & “Pride and Prejudice” became books. She was much inspired now she wanna start writing again. So, she starts planning the plot of Mansfield Park. She said to her publisher that she doesn’t want her name on title page.

She finally finished “Mansfield Park” and it was accepted by her publisher Thomas Egerton. On January 21, 1814, she started to write “Emma”. “Mansfield Park” was gonna get published too on May 9th. She loved every minute of writing. Then on 29 March 1815, she finished Emma.

Then she decided to write a story called Persuasion. She just found out that Emma is now getting published. She heard that her book “Emma” is reached to the ears of Philadelphia in the colonies. Apparently original edition tests been sent over to America. It seems that American was more in demand of her writings than Great Britain was. She published her complete work till 1832.


Her health was failing. She was weak, sometimes she feels fine like she’s getting better and things are looking bright. However, she didn’t stay well and she was sick-off and on. She didn’t actually know what she had. But today’s doctors would have said that she was suffering from “Addison’s Disease” which is the failure of adrenal glands that can destroy the autoimmune system. Others may have said that she’d lymphoma disease such as Hodgkin’s disease.

Although she was sick, she would write when she could. She started writing “Sanditon” but she never finished it. As she was ill to work and hold a pen. Cassandra did her best to take care of me.  She was getting worse so, Cassandra takes her to Winchester for medical help. But there’s nothing they could do, they said her illness is terminal and she is going to die. Jane stayed at Winchester for her remaining life.

She did recall someone asked her: what she want before she dies and she replied with “I want nothing but death”.

On morning of July 18, 1817, she died an early death at age of 42. The doctors told her family that a Borg vessel probably gave way, which gave her family some comfort. She is now buried at the Winchester Cathedral.

Four days after her death, her name was released as author of my works since Sense and Sensibility. It was the life story of “Jane Austen”.

Why Jane’s Work was popular:

Jane-Austen-Biography-www.pdfland.usDue to Some reasons that her work was so popular today because Jane’s aim was very modest. All she wanna do was to tell the love stories of many imaginary young persons of same type in situations of the same type as which she was familiar. To others such as Charlotte Bronte and Alice Meynell, she was worldly and she was feeling. However, she did the best, she could from where she was in a common sitting-room.

Margaretta Berg said that her genius triumphed over her disadvantages of the mediocrity of environment perhaps the most difficult of environments simply by her appetite for the very ordinariness in which she delighted Margarette also goes on to say that she has a vivid imagination that only the greatest pirate writers can rival.

According to Park Holman, she was the woman’s advocate and yet unlike others her hands represented the real thing, real men as viewed it by believable women and views of real female consciousness.

Furthermore, Natalie Tyler says that her novels epitomized the British culture that makes an all equal in face of struggle and death.

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Others have not been so kind in their words about her work such as Ralph Waldo Emerson” says I’m at the loss to understand why people hold Miss Austen’s novels at some higher rate. Which seemed to me discourteous in tone, sterile & artistic invention imprisoned by the wretched conventions of the English a society without genius wit/knowledge of world never at was life so much pinched & narrow. All the interests of any character as far as he or she the money to marry with suicide is the more respectable.

Mark Twain says I wouldn’t read Poe’s work on salary but not James. Jane is completely impossible, it looks a great disappointment that they permitted her to not die the natural death.


Jane’s work has also turned into plays and movie adaptations such as “Elizabeth Bennet” a play first impression, a musical comedy in “Pride and Prejudice”.

Now it’s about end of her story while she lived relatively short life. She managed to write & publish several books. She became more popularly recognized British female writer. Jane Austen is now much more popular than ever she was. She lived to write because:

“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings”

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