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The download links of another classic publish of the 19th century, Jane Eyre book is given on this page. This is a summary of the novel Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte. This novel was published in 1847. This novel begins with the little girl by the name of the Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre is an orphan. Her parents passed away when Jane was at a very young age. Her uncle by the name of Mr. Reed was taking care of her and when he died, he left Jane Eyre to his wife. However, Mrs. Reed doesn’t like Jane Eyre, she treats her like trash. She doesn’t want her kids to play with her. She does not actually want anyone to interact with her. And she just treats her as if Jane Eyre was the horrible child that was created to just torment her.

However, Jane Eyre is the sweet kid. She is bullied by Mrs. Reed’ children and she lives a very sad & depressing life. When she reached the age of 10, Mrs. Reed sends Jane Eyre away to the boarding school. Before leaving, Jane Eyre tells to Mrs. Reed that she is just the horrible person & that she deserves to suffer. Because Jane Eyre tells her that you’ve treated me like trash since I’ve gotten here. If you’ve accepted me then I would have treated you like a mother but you looked towards me with disgust. You fed me, & you clothed me, & you provided me the place to sleep. But it was because you promised to your husband. It’s not because you cared for me.

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So, Jane Eyre goes off to the boarding school and she vowed that she’ll never come back. When she gets to boarding school, Mrs. Reed had sent note to tell everyone at the school that Jane Eyre was the horrible person. But the people at the school don’t believe the message that Mrs. Reed sent. Because Jane Eyre is just this kid that loves to learn. She’s not disruptive and after education, she wants to increase level of knowledge. So, at the school, she excels, she learns how to speak French. She learns how to play the piano & she becomes very smart.

To the point where she becomes a teacher at the school. While her eight years at school, she does meet a girl by the name of Helen. She dies while she was there that took a toll on Jane Eyre as they were very close and that’s the first person that Jane Eyre really became friends with. So, in the novel after eighteen years and she got her certifications. Jane Eyre wants to leave the school and the school board sent a letter to Mrs. Reed saying that Jane Eyre leaves the school. Because at that point Jane Eyre was still under the domination of Mrs. Reed. So, Mrs. Reed says whatever, she can do whatever she wants, she can be whatever she wants, I don’t want to do anything with Jane Eyre.

So, Jane Eyre leaves the boring school and she finds work at the house of Mr. Rochester. Now, at first Mr. Rochester looked like the vulgar individual. He gave orders to everyone, he insists that he wasn’t really equaled everyone. And he really looked at himself higher than everyone as he was rich. He was extremely rich and everyone just took orders from him. So, at the house, Jane Eyre was hired to look after Mr. Rochester’s partial daughter and she took care of her. She educated her as her governess. So, the more & more Jane Eyre spends time at this mansion that is owned by Mr. Rochester, the more Mr. Rochester becomes fond of her. To the point where he becomes in love with her and even Jane Eyre at the same time does develop some type of emotion towards Mr. Rochester.

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To the point, where when Mr. Rochester does ask her what do you think of me? Do I look handsome and Jane reply with no that you’re a very ugly man. He is a very ugly man but nonetheless, she does find some kind of beauty within Mr. Rochester. To the point, where she starts loving him. So, in the novel there is the little bit of controversy because there’s another girl with name of Blanche Ingram comes on the scene with a group of other rich people that Mr. Rochester wants to be friends with. They have many parties, lots of get-togethers. And it is depicted throughout he sees that Mr. Rochester & Blanche were going to get married. But this was all a test because as soon as Jane Eyre broke down and said no I don’t really think it’s the right thing for you to marry Blanche.

Mr. Rochester revealed to her that it was all a trick to see how Jane felt about him. He also during the novel, pulled the stunt where he dressed as a mystic teller or a fortune teller and tried to get Jane to reveal her true feelings about Mr. Rochester. So, near the mid of novel, Miss Jane does get a letter from Mrs. Reed to come back to her old home because she was on deathbed and she was going to die. So, Mrs. Reed said, she wants to see Jane Eyre & Jane Eyre does go and see her.

The last thing, the last conversation that they have together, Mrs. Reed says I remember what you say about me and how you said that I was a devil and she said I provided you food, I provided you shelter. This is how you actually repay me. Mrs. Reed even says that I hate you, I don’t like you, so the hate is still there even though Jane Eyre says that I’ve forgiven you that I was a child then and now some thinking. Before she dies though Mrs. Reid reveals to Jane Eyre through the letter that a family member had left for her. Jane Eyre had an uncle that wanted to take Jane Eyre for Mrs. Reed’s possession. After that Jane Eyre left for boarding school.

So, Jane Eyre at this point of novel knows that she does have family members. She originally thought that she was by herself in the world. But after this reveal, she now knows that she does have family members. So, Mrs. Reed dies. All of her children, they don’t end up dead but her 2 daughters that belong to Mrs. Reed one become a nun and the other one gets married to a rich man. And all of Mrs. Reed’s fortunes are lost because she becomes poor at the end of novel.

So, after all this takes place, Jane Eyre goes back to Mr. Rochester’s mansion and he reveals that they love each other & now the plan is for them to get married. However, before they even get married, something comes in the way, Jane decides to marry Mr. Rochester without considering all the red flags that appear in the novel.

In the novel, we see Mr. Rochester almost died basically because someone makes try to burn him alive. Sometimes when she’s sleeping in the mansion at night, Jane Eyre does see & hear weird things. It all comes to this one night before her wedding night. She sees a woman come into her bedroom, put on her veil arm and then rip it and leave it on the ground. She thought it was a dream but it wasn’t a dream. During the wedding, the next day when they are like few seconds away from getting married, it is revealed that Mr. Rochester is married to another woman and this just sets the novel into a different direction.

It is revealed next that Mr. Rochester’s married when he was a younger man to the woman who became insane. She tried to kill several people in the novel even Mr. Rochester. Mr. Rochester tried to explain to Jane Eyre that I was deceived into marrying her. Her family tricked me into wedding her. When I figured out that she was insane, it was already too late. I was already married to her.

So, in the book, Jane Eyre even though that Mr. Rochester says we can get married even though I am married to her. But she doesn’t wanna do that she does not want because basically commit a sin. So, she says no I don’t know even though that Mr. Rochester is just dying at her feet. Because he actually loves her so much. So, in the mid of the night, Jane Eyre escapes the castle. She leaves without any of her possessions and she just goes off.

Eventually, she ends-up in this town where she finds 3 cousins of her. At first, they almost let her die because she left without any possessions and she just a wanderer. She became homeless. However, she stumbles upon her cousins violating that the main cousin was St. John and two other ladies who were her cousins. At first, they did not know that they were cousins but later in the novel, it is exposed that they are cousins and that uncle of Jane who had wanted to adopt her was linked to all of them. Jane eventually in the novel does get her possession of 20,000 pounds or so and she’s a rich woman and she decides to split that money with her cousins and herself. They each get five thousand pounds.

At end of novel, Jane’s life is very happy. She gets to teach at this school where she gets to teach young girls and she has family now. She has two girls who are her cousins and St. John. In the end, what we do see is St. John is her cousin. He said that Jane Eyre has a real, spiritual gift to be the missionary in India and he tried to take her to India with him. But the only condition, he says the only way I can do this is for you to get married to me. But the rule was that this marriage would not be for love or for anything like that. It would just be for the ministry.

So, St. John in the novel pressed Jane Eyre to marry him but Jane wouldn’t do it. To the point where Jane Eyre escapes in go figure out what actually happened to Mr. Rochester. When she does the dimension to the mansion, she finds it burned down. Then in the novel, she figures out that Mr. Rochester’s insane wife burned down the mention and almost killed lots of people in there but nobody died Mr. Rochester. However, did not escape without a few detriments. Because in the fire trying to help people get out of mansion and even make try to save his insane wife. He lost a hand and he became blind.

Here’s a novel, we see Jane founds Mr. Rochester & he was in utter disbelief. He thought that Jane Eyre was dead. However, she came to him in the most interesting way where he asked a servant for water. And here comes Jane Eyre with water. He at first, didn’t actually know that it was Jane Eyre but then Jane said oh it’s me. Literally, his life just changes after that.

In the end, they do decide to get married. This time, when they do decide to get married, it’s much better because there’s no sin involved with it. Because Mr. Rochester’s wife did die in the fire. She jumped off the mansion’s roof and killed herself. So, Mr. Rochester left as a bachelor. They got married and they had kids. Mr. Rochester does gain his vision back at the other novel in one eye. They have the happy life after everything.


Jane-Eyre-www.pdfpocketlibrary.comThe analysis part of this novel, it was a very good novel. Somewhat long but in my point of view, everything was where we’re supposed to be on. Because it’s a narrative that covered lots of things. What I do like about the end though is that Jane Eyre made her own person. Because when the first time, Jane & Mr. Rochester was gonna get married, Mr. Rochester was buying her a bunch of rich things, a bunch of dresses that cost lots of money. Jane Eyre didn’t want anything to do with things like that. She just desired to be herself and the true Jane Eyre has nothing to do with money or riches.

This has proven even more when she splits her twenty thousand pounds or more worth of money with her cousins. Because she says, I’m not going to sit here and let my family members suffer. So, she splits the money and she has 5000 pounds left in her own pocket. So, they both have money and not controlling one another. Mr. Rochester can’t control Jane and Jane can’t control him. Even though that he’s a lot more humble because all of the things that happened to him.

So, this novel, it’s really good. The narrative is very interesting. Jane Eyre is depicted to be just a woman who wants to be herself, want to build something out of herself. And her life would have been much happier. If she hadn’t a loving family like a mother and a father but to tell you the truth the way her life ended was exactly what she wanted. Because she didn’t want someone to control her. She didn’t want someone to look down upon her. She desired someone to see her as an equal not some type of worthless individual. That’s really interesting because there is too much to be considered when you look towards these rich individuals. And they’re basically the women who only marry for money, their lives are pretty shallow. The novel depicts that in a great spectrum. So, all in all, it was good novel.

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