Here I am to discuss some worst books that I read in 2017, also you can say these are the books that disappointed me the most and let me down. Possibly they were awful, maybe they just weren’t what I wanted them to be. But these were books that were not an enjoyable reading experience for me.

1. Death at Breakfast by Beth Gutcheon:

Death-at-Breakfast-www.pdfland.usThe first one that disappointed me was a book I picked-up because of the “PopSugar Reading Challenge” that said I had to read the novel that was set in a hotel. So, for this, I picked-up Death at Breakfast by famous and incredible novelist Beth Gutcheon. In this, I think it’s supposed to be a start of a series where two older ladies get together and solve murder mystery crimes. That’s not really my thing. There were many red flags that should have told me that books like this are just not my thing.

First of all, just the lack of characters with any dimension or depth. I felt like the writer is scared to have their audience interpret whether someone is good or bad. So, they have to make this really obvious to you and that was the case in this book.

People are checking into a hotel and they are being really rude and obnoxious like when you’re watching a cheesy movie and someone throws their keys out of valet and says be careful. So, you’re reading it and you’re like well that’s the bad guy thanks for that you couldn’t literally make it any more obvious also that person is probably gonna die. Then we are supposed to feel disagreed with the person that killed them. Because they probably had good reason to. And these books are too much scared to take any risks and I just ultimately feel just really disappointed whenever I pick up books like this. And this just absolutely proved it right.

They’re scared to write characters with any nuance. They’re scared of any type of moral ambiguity. I just know the book was not for me, it was no and just kind of no to this whole other side of mystery genre that is not my thing. Though I keep trying and trying again, it is not my thing.

2. The Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett:

The-Patron-Saint-of-Liars-www.pdfland.usNumber two impacted is the only author to be simultaneous with my favorite stuff and my worst up list. So, I read Commonwealth previously this year and absolutely loved it. It was the great suicide note. My grandma asked for a book recommendation and I recommended Commonwealth. She came back too much upset & said it was too depressing. So, if that doesn’t sound like something you’d like maybe you don’t read it. So, because I loved Commonwealth so much.

I picked-up her debut book The Patron Saint of Liarsand boy was that a mistake. Everything about it was so… This book happens in the mid-20th century. We have a character who lives in California. She finds herself married to this guy that she does not really love. She gets pregnant and she just decides this isn’t a life she wants. So, she took her car, runs off and drives across country & checks herself into a home in Kentucky for unwed mothers. And in this institution basically, in the mid-20th century, girls would get sent away to kind of wait out their shameful pregnancies. Then silently have their babies given away for adoption & then be integrated again into society. They went off towards boarding school or something, or to not risk their reputation.

So, this married woman drives there and checks herself into one of these homes. It’s just really secretive about her past. I really failed to connect with her as a character. Then I realized that she is a complicated character but she was so uninteresting. I mean her decision to do this and a fact that she tried to be so mysterious about stuff about her past was the most interesting thing about her. She was just really vanilla and unlikable. She ends up liking it at this place and ends up staying there and kind of making the life for herself.

So, this whole book, I supposed we were going to see her past, catch-up with her and we were gonna see the repercussions of doing something so drastic and none of those things came to fruition. I just felt like why did I waste so many hours, nothing happened. I was too much bored out of my mind. There was nothing, I really do not know I just hate it.

3. Follow You Home by Mark Edwards:

Follow-You-Home-www.pdfland.usThe next book that just wasn’t what I desired it to be was Follow You Home by Mark Edwards. This is the thriller. It’s about the British couple who is taking a long vacation through Europe. They’re in the Eastern Europe and through the sequence of the unfortunate events, they find themselves literally getting kicked off of a train. And dropped in the middle of the Romanian forest to fend for themselves that didn’t sound absolutely crazy enough. They stagger into a nightmarish scene in an abandoned house. And walk miles into a city and see something horrific that when they finally do get back to England. They are so scarred forever that their relationship cannot survive what they went through together on this trip.

This for me as a thriller, it was so much ridiculous and implausible. I just didn’t like it. The whole time, I was reading it, I was like you’ve got to be kidding me. Sometimes, this is disliked & hated opinion but I am of the opinion that most thrillers could be improved by just being horror. If you are going to have something so much ridiculously implausible run with it. Make them see like ghosts or scary demons and when they go back like nobody believes them because of how crazy it is but they have each other so like they both know that they saw this thing that would have made a much better book. Instead of like the crazy stuff that happened that makes all of the taken movies look realistic.

Also, the motivations did not add up for me like the work that everyone was going to to make this large conspiracy work. Did not equal what the reason was behind this conspiracy. It was very imbalanced like a number of effort, people are going through to ruin these people’s lives. Simply, didn’t add up for me. So, I, unfortunately, said no no….

4. The River at Night by Erica Ferencik:

The-River-at-Night-www.pdfland.usNext book for me also a thriller and one that I was really excited about. This was The River at Night by Erica Ferencik. I can’t pronounce that last name but I picked this book up because of premise. Since it sounded like my favorite most movie “The Descent”. You’ve got a group of women that are in their middle age. They’re getting together for a girls’ trip like they usually do and they usually do something crazy. This year, they make a plan to go to Maine to go to White Water Rafting. But something goes awfully wrong and they find themselves in a survival situation that sounds awesome.

Unfortunately, when I picked-up this thriller, I was, I really do not know for some reason under the impression that it was thought to be thrilling.

First of all, one thing that “The Descent” does well is that it is about the women. There was the man in the 1st scene and dies within like 5 minutes of being on screen. Then we never saw a man again basically. It is about the relationship among these ladies and that is what makes it great. It’s just the insular nature of this.

Unfortunately, they had to add a like hookup love interest that I supposed was stupid. It was really slow. There was too much exposition, characters were actually not likable and it was ridiculous. I simply do not know if this is thing with thrillers but thrillers are thought to be set in real world. I can just hang my disbelief too much. If I’m reading horror and there are supernatural elements involved, I am obviously willing to hang my disbelief a lot more. Which is why I think most thrillers just be improved by being hoarder the ending to this.

I believed it was ridiculous. I simply didn’t like it. It was slow. I was listening to book as the audiobook at my work time and usually, the thing with audiobooks is when a book is getting slow. If I am listening to it as the audiobook at work, I am forced to like push through the slow parts. Because I’m doing work but I’m still listening. There were many times I was listening to book where I took my phone out and I was tempted to just stop. Because I was so much bored out of my mind. Which should not happen with a thriller.

Follow you Home was ridiculous and crazy but it was fast paced a whole way through. It knew what, it didn’t you that, it was the thriller and it was fast paced & thrilling.

5. Revival by Stephen King:

revival-www.pdfland.usMy most hated book of the year. Just broke my heart literally because of how much I enjoyed it until the ending. That was an ending that forces me to grab this book and I physically threw it across my room’s window because I was in so much anger. This was Revival by Stephen King. It’s sitting at a goodwill somewhere like I said this book really broke my heart. Because there were some great characters. We got to see them grow over time and change and the plot was amazing.

We got to understand the word Revival just implemented in many different ways and there were too many things explored that was going so great until that last chapter. That last chapter ruined everything for me and frustrated me towards no end. I’ve never been that much bad while reading a book in my life.

Anyway, that was really a most those were the books that just really let me down. Everything else while I was reading this year if it was going down a path that I could not follow. I would just break up with it because I really didn’t have time to waste my time. With these, I stuck it out thinking that maybe they would get better. They didn’t, unfortunately.

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