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It is the Romantic novel that was written by famous and incredible novelist Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice is a vintage classics edition, it is 368 pages long and contains 61 chapters. It was first published on 28 January 23, 1813, by Thomas Egerton. Basically, the book revolves around Bennet’s family. There’s Mr. Bennet, Mrs. Bennet, their five daughters Jane, Lydia, Elizabeth, Kitty, and Mary.

  • Jane is super sweet and nice and everyone loves Jane. She’s totally awesome
  • Elizabeth is sassier. I think of her as sass queen. And, she’s also the main character of this novel. She is the central person.
  • Then there’s Mary, who has not fully talked about a lot in the book. She’s usually by herself reading.
  • Lydia just likes to talk about money, clothes, and boys.
  • Kitty follows suit because Lydia’s the huge influence on her, even Lydia is younger. like “Yay let’s go talk about guys and meet all these guys from the military!” that’s all they do.

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Now keep in mind, due to the time period of the novel, having a son was super important for inheritance reasons. And the Bennet’s don’t have a son. So, basically……. they need to marry their daughters off as early as possible. And that’s become Mrs. bennet prime goal in life, just marry off her daughters.

So, when this guy named Mr. Bingley comes to town that’s really attractive, really rich, partner material for Mrs. Bennet’s daughters. Everybody loves this man and Jane & Mr. Bingley hit it off really quick, and seem like to have the real connection going on. So that makes Mrs. Bennet really happy. Mr. Bingley also brings along his friend Mr. Darcy who’s kind of narcissists has a big ego.

But that is where the title comes from

Pride = Darcy, Prejudice = Elizabeth

Basically, after a few meetings, Darcy begins to develop a bit of crush on Elizabeth. He starts to like her and become attracted towards her. And the story continues from that…. People really like the characters of this novel. Some are really funny. Some are really nice but some were completely crazy. Overall, all the characters are interestingly developed. I didn’t think that one was lacking in anything. Some of them got to nerves but they were supposed to stick in my mind and I understand that.

It adds stuff to the plot like Lydia was annoying. She was the central role of the plot. Mr. Collins to be really entertaining because he was the strangest character. I do not even know how to say about him because he was such a hypocrite, but he didn’t realize he was being a hypocrite.  He is totally unaware of like social situations and how to act sometimes and people are just like “Oh it’s Mr. Collins”.

Elizabeth & Darcy had such a wonderful, humorous, like sweet romance and it was really good. They obviously start with hate each other. They’re gonna eventually get together but you wanted to know how it happens and just it was wonderful.

Darcy begins as one of irritating and annoying because of big ego but he redeems himself later & he becomes this fantastic, generous, kind person, and its awesome character development. Elizabeth also grows so much because you know in the beginning she’s very fast to judge people and you’re like “seriously get over those stinking prejudices”. But she does in parts of this book and while she might still be judgmental in the end. She’s learned a lot through her experiences so she’s matured.

So, going into this novel I was a bit anxious about the vocabulary in it because I don’t really read classics all that often. And I was like “oh my gosh, Pride and Prejudice. That just seems like a whopper”. I don’t know why it seemed like in my mind. I was just like this is gonna be so difficult to read but it really wasn’t. Though it probably has billions of SAT words in it. But to be serious, it will definitely help you with your vocabulary. Though that’s an extra bonus.


Pride and Prejudice PDF www.pdfland.usThe theme of this book was marriage & love theme because it is such an interesting contrast, there are a couple marriages and then there is another couple there be some other purposes like money lust stuff like that. And it was the coolest contrast between Elizabeth and her friend Charlie. She marries a guy basically she can have a secure social status and but she doesn’t love him. She knows she’s not gonna be happy but she already knows she wants to be secure in her life.

Moreover, Elizabeth marries for love and she declines the invitation of same man because she doesn’t think she’ll be happy with him. And she doesn’t like him but obviously, she took a stand for herself.

Jane Austen pointed out a problem that loveless marriages have, highlighting through Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Bennet. This novel also inspects social status, family, how they define things. It’s still fascinating to read and I would recommend to almost anyone because I think it has things for lots of people. Something that you’ve to go into it and try it.

I just truly loved the themes that had in the book. And I loved the characters the drama, that it was truly fantastic eBook. I just I liked everything and I am glad that I had an opportunity to read it.


Pride and Prejudice Characters

There are a few characters in the story you can’t help loving. Like the chief character, spunky Elizabeth Bennet & her gentle older sister Jane.

Likewise, there well more than few characters whom it’s hard not to despise

  • Elizabeth’s mother, Mrs. Bennet superficial foolish and overbearing.
  • Elizabeth’s younger sister Lydia is boy-crazy and self-centered.
  • George Wickham, a militia officer who runs off with Lydia is aligned self-important flirt
  • Collins: Elizabeth’s cousin is a snobbish bore who brown-noses his way into the graces of high society.
  • Bingley appears as a sweet guy who could set social standing aside for love…. until he leaves Jane in lurch because of influence of his sister.
  • Darcy appears arrogant and closed-minded… until he saves the Bennet from social disgrace.

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