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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is written by T. Harv Eker. When I got to page 174, I couldn’t help, but smile, when I saw towards my favorite quote by Mark Twain.

“I’ve had thousands of problems in my life, most of which never actually happened.”

And it reminded me of the lessons I learned on fearlessness from the 50th Law. We, the people, live in a state of generalized anxiety, much of our worries circulating around money & the lack or loss thereof, when our fears oftentimes are merely illusions.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind has some significant similarities with Robert Kiyosaki‘s Rich Dad, Poor Dad. But Eker takes it one step further when it comes psychology. He proposes that our mindsets on private finance come from the following 3 sources. Verbal Programming – the words we associate with the rich, accumulating wealth, receiving paychecks, the government, celebrities and the like. Phrases like “Money is root of all the evil” that tend to stick with us and form our opinion on the matter. Modeling – the way we observe others & learn from them, specifically when we model someone we look up to like our parents & see how they handle money, which often is not the ideal way. & Specific Incidents – events that have an impact on us, both negative & positive.

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Occurrences that could traumatize us like having to move out of a small city apartment, because our family cannot pay the rent, suffering hunger & thirst, because we might not afford to place food on table. Just like Kiyosaki, Eker states that our utmost beliefs & thoughts on money stem from our parents, peers and other influencers with authority, along with any situation, where we might observe greed & unfairness surrounding the exchange of money, goods & services. Incidents that leave a bad taste, when we think about money.

These factors form a story for us that we inevitably start believing in, while we’re still young, many people not ever changing our views, until we die. Because what do children do? They look for external sources of the information on how the world works, of which a big share is an idea of “valuable papers” – money. They’re infinitely curious until the environment we’re living in dulls that sense of the wonder & eliminates yet another potential thought leader who could’ve changed the world one day.

Instead of becoming another Elon Musk that child is likely to grow up to be the failure on subject of personal finances and thus likely to be a failure in all further areas of life, as well, believing they already know everything & that what they know is the only right answer. Probably the unhappiest part about that is that they will force their views on their children when they reproduce.

Thinking “I already know everything”, instead of consistently learning & embracing new ideas with deep humility, is one of 17 beliefs that separate the poor and the middle-class from the rich. You have successfully developed a millionaire-mind when you believe

  1. You’re in control, instead of at the effect.
  2. You emphasize on making money, instead of not losing it.
  3. You commit to being rich, not “wanting it.”
  4. You think big, instead of limiting yourself.
  5. You concentrate on solutions & opportunities, instead of problems & obstacles.
  6. You admire successful people, instead of envying them.
  7. You associate with the ambitious, instead of losers.
  8. You promote yourself, rather shying-away from it.
  9. You may solve any problem, you’re not smaller than your problems.
  10. You receive well.
  11. You choose to get paid for results, instead of time.
  12. You consider all options, rather trying only one.
  13. You emphasize your net worth, not your salary.
  14. You manage your money well.
  15. You have money work for you.
  16. You face your fears, instead of surrendering to them.
  17. You constantly develop, instead of stalling.

In closing, successful people discard limiting beliefs, while the unsuccessful let and keep themselves down. A limiting belief might sound like this. “The rich are greedy, selfish, like to boast & show off.” or “The rich want to keep us down. That’s the first way they can continue to make their money.” That sounds a lot like what my parents have told me when I was too young & so I used to think I will always be poor, like a farmer born in the middle ages, that was just going to be my reality. I wasn’t adopted by Angelina Jolie & so I would have to be miserable for my whole life. Although I tried to be funny there this is actually a topic close to my heart.

Why couldn’t I possibly make living doing somewhat I love? Why is trying to give your all bills by contributing, self-promoting & bringing value to other people’s lives seen as something so sinister? Do people not understand you’re working hard with positive intentions? And that you need the best for them so all they do is attack you from their coach, where they do nothing, but try to spread their misery over the internet?

It only stems from a poor mindset, a loser mentality. Those are people who will never get anywhere if they don’t change their views. Please, choose to work on yourself, rather than thinking you’ve got it all figured-out. There’s no anything as having it all figured-out. Start taking the control of life & measure how successful you are by how much you’re enjoying yourself, how happy you and your loved ones are. It’s not about living longer, it’s about living well. It’s not about being wealthy, it’s about enjoying wealth. You don’t need a million dollars with the aim to live like a millionaire. You need a millionaire-mind that will allow you to live the life truly worth living.

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