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Sense-and-sensibility-www.pdfland.usSense and Sensibility PDF is Jane Austen’s second novel and it is quite a departure from her first novel “Northanger Abbey”. The thing that struck about Northanger Abbey is how simplistic it is and Sense and Sensibility has two main protagonists who share equal screen time.

It was actually her 1st published work, it took place back in 1811. She had to publish it anonymously, say it was written by a lady. There have been many adaptations of Sense and Sensibility all over the years but two was more important, that one from the BBC from 2008, and the one from 1995.

Overview of Sense and Sensibility PDF:

So, what is Sense and Sensibility about, we have our two main characters Elinor & Marianne Dashwood. The book opens with their father’s death. Now they’re the second family of their father. So, previous to them he had 1 son with another wife who died and then in the second wife he had Elinor & Marianne and a third daughter, Margaret. She is younger than Marianne & Elinor and isn’t really dealt with that much in the book. She isn’t a very big character.

Up until the death of their father, Marianne, Elinor, Margaret and their mother have been living at the Norland Park which is their father’s estate. But on the death of their father, the whole house and stage go to his son from his first marriage due to primogeniture and patriarchy.

In late 18th century & early 19th and throughout most of the 19th century, a lot of the states were entailed. So, that they could only be given to the son. So, after the father’s death would immediately go to the son or the nearest male heir, even if they had tons of tons of daughters.

After their father’s death, their brother John Dashwood comes to stay and actually he is the kind of well-meaning man. But his wife Fanny Dashwood is not very nice. She is rather quick bitchy one of those characters in the Jane Austen that Jane Austen does so brilliantly.

The favorite scenes of many people in Sense and Sensibility is a conversation between Fanny & John Dashwood. In which Fanny basically just slowly slowly encourages her husband not to do anything at all for his sisters. And just to like you give him nothing. At the beginning of the conversation, wants to give them ten thousand pounds each and then by the end he just decided, he will not give anything to them. Because she is so manipulative and horrible and is brilliantly written.

So, after John Dashwood and Fanny Dashwood move into Norland. The previous Dashwood family, the mother, Elinor, Marianne and Margaret they are all basically pushed out of the house because they no longer own doesn’t belong to them. And they move down to Devon to a cottage there with the help of a relation of their mother.

However, before leaving for Devon, they meet with Fanny Dashwood’s brother at the Norland. Fanny Dashwood’s brother, Edward Ferris seems to become fond of a learner and she is definitely quite fond of him. She is expecting Edward to propose her before they leave basically but he doesn’t. And she leaves not really knowing what he thinks.

In Devon, they meet two other men of significance in their lives. One is Colonel Brandon, he is an old-man about 35 to 38. Who was quite taken with the Marianne when the first time he sees her. Even though she is 17 but anyway you know it was a different time.

But then they also meet with the young man called Willoughby, who is in his 20’s. A very good-looking love poetry, and Marianne just falls head-over-heels in love with him. And basically, everything just kind of carries on from there.

the thing that most people love about the “Sense & Sensibility” is the relationship among Elinor & Marianne. Their sisterly relationship is just so good, so well developed, so interesting and just so thoroughly well done.

Elinor is very very sensible, very rational. She kind of knows what has to be done in life and does it she had repressors her feelings as much as she possibly can. Whereas Marianne the younger sister, she is really passionate, really romantic, really idealizes life and love in so many complicated ways. The way these sisters interact and kind of felts-off each other is really clever and there’s kind of been a big argument in like looking at Jane Austen. That when Jane Austen started writing Sense & Sensibility, she was on Elinor side on the side of being sensible. And then by the end of this book, she kind of come around to Marianne side and also thought the feelings are important.

Actually, I think the whole kind of the point of this book is, it’s important to have both. Because Elinor suffers so much because she repressed so many of her emotions. Whereas Marianne suffers because she’s so open with her emotions. And she is so emotional that makes her ill. And that kind of dichotomy is one of the most interesting things in this book the way like Sense & Sensibility play off each other.

Another thing, I really love about Sense & Sensibility is the sort of Willoughby. He’s very interestingly developed more than for example Wickham from Pride & Prejudice. Even though I love Pride and Prejudice, a lot more than Sense & Sensibility.

I think Willoughby is an interesting character and it’s quite well done. However, there are also some things like don’t like about Sense & Sensibility, the main one is the character of Edgar Ferris, he’s actually not in this book very much and has barely any dialogue considering his importance to this plot. And I think that’s a real shame I always feel like he’s a bit underdeveloped.

I also feel the same with Margaret, the younger sister. Who would be quite interesting but we never really hear from her. And she does not seem to have significance and sometimes I kind of wonder in this book why she’s there. I’m very very fond of Sense & Sensibility as I say but I think those two characters and their lack of development to me as a more shame.

I also think like just the writing isn’t quite as polished as it is in some her later books. So even in Pride and Prejudice, which we think she wrote about the same time. Even though there are so many reasons why I love Sense & Sensibility. It’s just not my favorite book in terms of the writing.


However, the all-time favorite adaptation of Sense & Sensibility is 2008 TV-series which is just incredible. It has David Morrissey playing Colonel Brandon. And the girls that play Marianne & Elinor of the right age. Which is really important because in the previous movie they’re much too old.

It’s really really important to the story that Marianne & Elinor are really young because they are both very naïve. Especially the Elinor, since she is very sensible but she is also quite naive. And it’s really important to try and get that across and they often kind of missed that out of film adaptations.

Jane Austen Biography:

Jane-Austen-www.pdfland.usJane Austen is regarded as the popular and influential English writers of all-time. Known for her sharp wit, realism, and social commentary.

Jane Austen was born on the 16th of December, 1775 in the village of Stephenson in Hampshire to a middle-class rector. Jane Austen had a large family with one sister and 6 brothers. Her sister was Jane’s closest confidante and friend. She was educated at school then brought home and educated by her brothers and father. Her father was a great supporter of writing and even tried to get her work published as a teenager.

Jane started writing as early as 1787. Jane wrote plays, poems, and many of these were later amassed into what was called the juvenilia. Her first novel was written amid 1793 & 1795 called “Lady Susan”, an epistolary novel that is considered to be her most sophisticated and ambitious early work.

Jane started her work on 2nd novel “First Impressions”, later called “Pride and Prejudice” in 1795. Then in the year 1796, she started her work on “Sense & Sensibility” and “Northanger Abbey”. Both Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice were first written in Pencil Perry form before being rewritten in the third person.

Her 1st published novel was “Sense and Sensibility” published on October 8, 1811. It was the great novel and s got instant success. Sense & Sensibility was followed by “Pride and Prejudice” in 1813 and “Mansfield Park” in 1814 “Emma”. A 2nd edition of “Mansfield Park” published in 1815, where the last be published in her lifetime.

In the start of 1816, Jane Austen faced a poor health condition due to Addison’s disease. For her treatment, she traveled to Winchester. Furthermore, she sustained to write and take part in family activities.

During this time, she finished Persuasion and started work on her new novel Sanditon but she never finished. Because she died on 18th of July 1817. Her last novel to be published “Persuasion” and “Northanger Abbey” were published later that year.

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