The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn PDF Novel by Mark Twain

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is the Picaresque Fiction novel that was written by incredible novelist Mark Twain. You can download this novel in PDF from this page. This novel was published on December 10, 1884, in the United Kingdom. It takes place around 1840 in the American South. It starts in small town of St. Petersburg Missouri, located on banks of the Mississippi River.

Overview of “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn PDF”

The storyline of this novel based on a boy, Huck Finn, who was about 13 or 14 years old. His father name was Town Drunk and he’s lived most of life without his mother and homeless. He’s used to wearing ragged cast-off clothes. He never goes to the school and always tries to do pretty much whatsoever he wants. He’s very good at outdoor things like hunting, fishing, and trapping.

At the start of this book, he’s living in house because he’s been adopted by Widow Douglas. She’s tried to civilize him. Huck in the Widow lived with the widow’s sister Miss Watson who scolds Huck frequently. The Widow & Miss Watson also owned many slaves. Whenever he can, Huck sneaks off with his friend named Tom Sawyer and they both pretend to be in a robber’s gang.

One night, Huck climbs into his bedroom’s window after being out with Tom & he finds his vagrant father PAP, waiting for Huck in his bedroom. PAP tells Huck to stopover acting like he is better than his dad, meaning no need to go to school and stop reading. He makes Huck give him money so he can get drunk. After a while, PAP thought to kidnaps the Huck and he did the same. And takes him to live in the cabin in the forests by the river with him. Huck is happier to all this, as he will out of the school. But PAP beats the Huck when gets drunk too much. Even he tries to kill Huck when he gets so drunk, he’s hallucinating.

Jim and Huck:

Jim-and-Huck-www.pdfland.usOne night, when Pap was out Huck imitations his own murder and try to escape to Jackson’s Island. After some days on the island, he stumbles onto the remnants of the campfire and realizes someone else is on this island too. The other person turns out to be Jim, a slave owned by Miss Watson & part of the household where Huck lived with the widow. Jim says he’s run away because he heard Miss Watson talking about selling him down a river for about $800. If that happened, he would be taken from his family and brought down to New Orleans to be sold as a field worker in Deep South.

Huck promises right off never tell anyone that Jim escapes. But it was impossible for him to keep this secret, it was a big deal. Jim is going to be hunted and any white person who sees him might stop him and try to take him into the custody. Huck also knows that other white people would despise him for helping runaway slave. But he doesn’t care about this too much. Because he spent all of his life not following the rules and being looked down on by utmost of his town. He describes himself as kind of low-down and bad-tempered so breaking a rule does not bother him.

Jim & Huck strike up a bond of friendship too quickly. They mostly talk about superstitions and signs such as things that say whether you’re going to have bad luck or get rich. Jim & Huck find out a cave, high up on island to camp in and soon there’s a big storm that makes the river rise and covers most of the island. They catch a raft floating by. A while later, a house that’s been carried off in the flood floats by. They go in and find some clothes and money and other items and inside the house, they saw a man’s dead body.

Huck goes to shore to see if he can hear any news. He dresses in clothes of a girl that he found in house and he speaks to a woman in a cabin. The woman figures out that he’s a boy, not a girl but she doesn’t get mad about it. She told Huck that her spouse thinks the runaway slave is hiding on this island & is going there with some other men that night to try to catch him.

So, Huck dailies back to get Jim and they start floating down the Mississippi’s River on raft. Jim and Huck have many adventures on raft traveling at night so, no one stops them. They see an abandoned steamboat that’s been wrecked in center of the river. They both sneak onto it and then they realize, three thieves and murderers are on it and they both have to steal the gang’s boat to get away. Huck & Jim get separated in fog. Huck in the canoe and Jim on raft. It takes too much time for Huck to find Jim again and Jim is overwhelmed with joy when Huck’s back. Huck plays a tricky game on him by pretending Jim dreamed about the whole fog and they were never separated. When Jim realizes he’s lying, his feelings are hurt and Huck feel apologizes.

That’s an important moment because Huck becomes aware that Jim really cares about him and Huck cares about Jim. Which he hadn’t really thought about before. Jim & Huck are hoping to come to Cairo town because that town is where Ohio River drains into Mississippi River. If they get off there, Jim can buy a passage on a steamboat going up to Ohio River and he’ll be on the way to freedom. When they think they’re getting close to Cairo, Huck’s conscience starts to torture him because now he’s not just hanging out with Jim. He’s close to actually setting him free, which his society has taught him is wrong.

Grangerfords and Shepherdsons:

It’s basically like stealing Miss Watson’s property from her just to spite her. But it turns out, they passed the Cairo in fog and they can’t travel back upstream because they’re in a raft. A steamboat coming up to the river runs over their raft and they both have to dive down below its wheel to avoid being killed. So, they get separated. Huck comes ashore all wet and goes to the 1st house he sees. He winds up getting taken in and adopted by a family called the Grangerfords. He stays with them for several days, becoming friends with a boy his own age named Buck.

The Grangerfords have been in a grudge or feud for about 30 years with another large wealthy family called Shepherdsons. The feud comes to head when the sister of Buck, Sophia Grangerford runs off and elopes with one of the Shepherdsons. A gun battle takes place, in which Buck and all other family members are killed and Huck runs away.

Huck unites again with the Jim who has been hiding in the forests with the Grangerford slaves bringing the food for him. They keep going down to the river and next thing that happens is that they rescue a pair of Con men. Who is being careered by a crowd of people they’ve swindled. Jim & Huck take them onto raft and carry them away. The problem is that, once the Con-men are on raft with them they don’t want to leave and there’s nothing Jim & Huck can do about it.

Duke and the King:

Two men call themselves as the Duke & King. One claims that he’s really the Duke of Bridge-water & other one’s claims that he is son of Louis the XVI, and should be the king of France. The Duke & the King plan all kinds of scams on raft. They practice Shakespearean acting and sword fighting and plan to impersonate famous actors from London on tour at the next town they come to.

They come to the little Arkansas Town, where they saw a man whose name was Colonel Sherburn, shoot an inoffensive drunk who is insulting him. A lynch mob arrives to hang Colonel Sherburn. But he stands them down telling them they’re not man enough to lynch him. The Duke & King’s Shakespeare performance is a total flop. So, they’ve changed their approach and advertised a show called the Royal Nonesuch. They get customers to buy tickets by saying, ladies and children, not admit it.

All that happens in show is that King appears on the stage on all 4, naked & painted different colors. The show only lasts a minute or two. The audience knows they have been swindled. But decides to keep quiet about it and tell the other locals to see it too. After two nights of this, the Duke & King runoff. Just as the town is about to Pelt them with rotten tomatoes and dead cats.

The Duke & the King pull off some other scams but their biggest one is when they arrive in a town where a man whose name was Peter Wilks, he just has died. And they make-believe to be his long-lost brothers and heirs. They get the man’s daughters to welcome them into home and they start selling the slaves and settling the estate. Huck steals some money from Duke & King and tells 1 of the daughters that they’re con men. The real brothers of dead man just arrived and the Duke & King barely managed to escape back to raft.

The final scam of the Duke & King is to claim that Jim is run-away slave and sell him to farmer whose name was Phelps, who can claim a reward for returning him. That’s the last Huck has to deal with the con men. Soon after, they try the Royal Nonesuch performance and get tarred and feathered.

Tom Sawyer:

Huck goes to Phelps’ house to look for Jim and the Phelps’ family turned out to be Tom Sawyer’s, Uncle & Aunt. Huck pretends that he’s Tom Sawyer, arrived for a visit with the family. And Tom Sawyer himself pretends to be tom’s younger brother, Sid. Jim is being kept a prisoner in a shed and Huck wanted to set him free. Which would be extremely easy to do. Tom insists that they don’t. He thinks that the escape of Jim should be like all other famous custodial escapes he’s read about in the history and in novels involving kings and the noble-men. And he desires to excavation a passageway into the Shed rather than open a door.

He wants Jim’s right notes and Carbon Scrimption in stone to throw out of the prison. And to water a plant with his tears and to make friends with spiders and snakes. He makes Hack & Jim participate in all of this. Finally, they set him totally free but they’ve sent anonymous letters warning the Phelps of danger. So, when they escape with him, farmers open fire at them and hit Tom in leg. They escape to raft but Huck has to get doctor to help Tom and the doctor turns in Jim and Tom.

Tom’s Aunt, whose name was Polly, she arrives and exposed a truth about who Tom & Huck are. Tom reveals that Jim was free all along. Miss Watson set him free in her will because she had died. Tom was just interested in the adventure, Jim tells to Huck that his daddy, Pap is dead too. He was dead man on floating house. Tom’s Aunt Sally says, she wishes to adopt the Huck and civilize him. But Huck’s had enough of this and he decided to travel towards West.

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