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The Great Gatsby:

The Great Gatsby www.pdfland.usThe Great Gatsby is novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby is described by Nick Carraway. It was once Jay Gatsby’s neighbor. Nick Caraway the young-man from Midwest moves towards East in the NY in 1922 try to make it in bond business. Also, he rents the house located with a nice scene of bay. And discovers that he’s become neighbors with the mysterious Gatsby, who owns the gigantic mansion & often throws extravagant parties next door. One day, Nick owes the East Egg, the district across bay from West Lake. Which is occupied by an old rich as opposed to his farm West Egg but he was occupied by newly rich.

He goes there to meeting Daisy Buchanan & her husband Tom. Daisy was her cousin and Tom was an aggressive, imposing and obviously wealthy man with whom he attended Yale. While dining, he meets with a woman whose name was Jordan Baker, professional golfer who seemed cynical and bored of everything. He saw his neighbor Gatsby standing in dark when he returned to the home from the evening. And a solitary green light across bay with Gatsby appears fixated on him.

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One day Tom invites Nick to meet his mistress Myrtle Wilson, a lower-class woman. Whose husband George Wilson runs petrol pump & modest garage in Ashes’ Valley. Which is a desolate & rundown section of town then marks the convergence of the city in the suburbs. As the 2 journeys through the Ashes’ Valley, Nick notices a large billboard with huge disembodied eyes which appears to be watching them. The three of them Tom, Myrtle, and Nick visit the city together and Myrtle phones friends to join them at apartment of Myrtle & Tom. When Tom the group gets rating drunken fully unconscious & but the party’s cut short when Tom breaks and mistresses know over a fight they were happy regarding his wife Daisy.

One day Nick is finally got an invitation to Gatsby’s legendary party. At the party, Nick has reunited with Jordan Baker, who meets him previously in the house of her cousin. It’s obvious that this is not Jordan’s Baker’s first of Gatsby’s parties. Nick eventually meets Gatsby himself that night. He observes the Gatsby as a young, charismatic man with fake English accent. When Jordan Baker returns to Nick she appears amazed at what she and Gatsby had discussed. Over time, they both became friends. Nick also starts a relation with the Jordan Baker even though he feels that she is very dishonest.

One day Nick & Gatsby go towards the city together where Nick meets to Meyer Wolfshiem, he is Gatsby’s & his associates. He’s a very shady individual and Gatsby confides to Nick that Wolfshiem dicks in the 1919 World Series. Later, Jordan tells to the Nick the story of Gatsby’s night parties. He says that Gatsby is deeply in the love with Nick’s cousin Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby met Daisy years earlier when in army but they couldn’t be together. Because Gatsby didn’t have enough money to care about her. So, over time, Gatsby acquired his vast fortune in order of renewing his and Daisy’s relationship. Even purchase his mansion because that was across the water from hers afterward, he offers extravagant gatherings hoping that she might notice.

Gatsby feels it’s time to meet the Daisy again in person. So, he once Nick to invite Daisy to his house there Gatsby will show-up surprise and finally, he will have a chance to get the Daisy back. Nick agrees and invites Daisy for tea. Gatsby shows-up as planned. Although, this first reunion between the two is awkward. Soon Gatsby & Daisy re-established their connection and they begin toward a love affair.

Nick as the stories narrator reveals more about James Gatz. Gatz was born to James got into a modest farming family. He changes his name to Gatsby at 17 years old. Around that same time, he met to the Dan Cody who became Gatsby’s mentor explaining him about the ambiguous personal capability for 5 years as they traveled the continent three times together. However, when Cody passed away, Gatsby didn’t manage to receive any inheritance. It was after this period the Gatsby made his fortune and created a fake family story.

After his reunion with Daisy, Gatsby stops hosting the elaborate parties. The only reason, they threw through such ostentatious parties was chance of Daisy either her someone known might attend the party. Daisy invites Jordan, Gatsby, and Nick to lunch at her house in an effort to make Tom jealous and to extract revenge for his affair. Daisy is too much careless about her relation with the Gatsby. She also told to Gatsby that she really loves him and Tom both in earshot. Still, we know Tom has no affair with anyone. He is energetic at the assumption that daisy to be disloyal to him.

That same day the group in the suite at Plaza Hotel and Tom & Gatsby have the bitter confrontation. Tom did announce Gatsby for his low-birth and exposes to get her about the prosperity of Gatsby has been made through criminal means like bootlegging. Gatsby begs Daisy to denounce Tom & tell him that she doesn’t love him anymore but she refuses. Later, Tom allows Daisy to back towards the East-Egg with the Gatsby but Daisy decides to drive instead hoping to calm herself. Passing the garage of George Wilson, Daisy diverges to avoid other car & ends up hitting Myrtle Wilson and killing her. Nick advises Gatsby to leave town. Gatsby whoever refuses to leave. He remains there for Daisy.

George Wilson, Myrtle’s husband is moved from death of his spouse and he was anxious to find the killer. Tom Buchanan told to George the Gatsby was driver of fatal car accident. Wilson concludes that about the driver that he must be Myrtle’s lover. Therefore, he ran towards the house of Gatsby, shoots him & after that kill himself. After Gatsby’s death, the Buchanan’s leave East Egg. Nick attempts to arrange Gatsby funeral but finds only a hand full of people cared enough to Gatsby to actually attend. The only ones who show-up or forgot about the funeral or Gatsby’s father and the mysterious allied man.

Disgusted the time in New York, Nick breaks-off his relation with the Jordan & decides to return to the Midwest. He feels Gatsby really struggled to make all the wishes a reality. Thus, according to Nick the Gatsby was Great. Nick also believed however that time for such outstanding aspirations in America is over greed & dishonesty have destroyed American dream.


The Great Gatsby

Gatsby’s death is because of the obsession with past. He denies to let go of Daisy’s relationship, not because of what it is but for what it represents to him. The Gatsby, Daisy represents money in elite class and Gatsby feels that if Daisy accepts him then he will be admitted by the entire upper class. Losing Daisy will be like letting go all of his wishes which to him is unthinkable.

One cannot truly understand Gatsby without recognizing Kijiji Cobourg or eyes of the doctor advertisement depicted on a large billboard in the story. The billboard shows T. J. Eckleburg disembodied eyes which are blue & gigantic. The retinas are one yard high. The eyes look out without a face but instead through pair of massive yellow spectacles that house over the non-existent nose. Not long before Tom Buchanan versus Jay Gatsby shows down, Nick the narrator notes that the eyes are keeping a watchful vigil. George then takes him to the side where billboard is visible and told her that she cannot fool God. Thus, eyes of Eckleburg are always watching and represents the ever-present judgmental eyes of God.

The author uses T. J. Eckleburg to show the morals and God is been changed by entrepreneurship in “American Society”. Instead of the truly spiritual or religious representation of God the best, and the world can manifest God in billboards or an advertisement. The important theme in The Great Gatsby is the murder of American Dream. Anyone with enough hard work should capable to step out of their dreams. However, merit & hard work was not enough for Gatsby and succeed. An American dream according to Fitzgerald is dead.


1. Nick Carraway:

Nick is probably the only non-materialistic character in the book. He comes from a simple lifestyle to NY only to build-up his money by working and on his job. Nick wasn’t born rich nor was he raised rich nor did he become rich. He is always caught in middle of everyone’s problems because he isn’t a manipulator like the others. Nick represents the hard-working American citizens.

2. Gatsby:

Gatsby is actually a kind of materialistic character who constantly lied to make himself seem like something he wasn’t, just to impress the girl. He gained the money dishonestly through bootlegging and could never gain the social status of Tom. Gatsby be also lived too much in the past and thinks about he can control it it’s why he broke the clock. Gatsby went through foolish things like wasting money on books he won’t read so he seems higher than he is. The end at last tells, his money didn’t matter. Gatsby also represented American Dream & if you get the opportunity seize it and you can make it. But American Dream doesn’t always work and that’s shown that only positive thing in this book was just “A Green Light” and nothing big.

3. Daisy:

Daisy tries using people for her best attention in the book. She tries using Nick to antagonize her husband and later uses Gatsby was a more fitting role. She couldn’t leave her spouse like a person would in our time to the fact that women were treated differently. So, she tries using these two men to teach her too, at Tom so that way he’ll come back to her. This is also revealed when she lets him be guilty of the murder, Daisy loves her luxurious lifestyle making her materialistic and wants to offend her husband for cheating on.


The theme about “American Dream” is the biggest one in this book, most characters have their American dream. But to each one, it means something different.

For Gatsby, his Dream would be Daisy. He just needs to win the Daisy over and take Daisy away from Tom. Because Daisy was the girl, he could never get after they were separated.

Another perspective, Myrtle Tom’s lover stream was to have money and be like everyone else in the West-Egg. She lives on opposite side on East-Egg in the Ashes’ Valley. And shows all the poverty in all the struggles that normal people went through at the time. She hopes to be with Tom & most importantly wants to have money. So much so that this is the spoiler alert, about the book not read by you still or watched the movie you should cover your ears or skip ahead. Accordingly, this will be the most compulsory thing to her so much so that she hit by the car because that’s how much she of having to be with Tom even though he’s the married man.

Another theme that will be explained clearly in this book is telling the truth. Everybody in this story except for Tom supposedly is lying about something at some time of this story especially Gatsby. He gets his story confused and mixed up with different people about where he came from and how he got all the things that he did. The ending of this book is still unclear who Gatsby really is. And he proves that he has lied about something when he basically says that Daisy has fallen in love with a completely different man. Because he’s not like that at all.

That’s not the exact quote but that’s basically what he’s saying at the very end of story. There’re too many themes in this book besides he was just explaining the “True American Dream”.

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