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The-Hunting-of-the-Snark-www.pdfland.usThe Hunting of the Snark

The Hunting of the Snark is basically a poem of famous writer Lewis Carroll. It’s divided into eight different verses.

1. “The Landing”

The first one is titled “The Landing”. The group of people has landed on dry ground. They include the bellman, the maker of bonnets, the barrister, the broker, the billiard marker, the banker, the butcher, the baker, and the beaver. One member of crew forgot his name. He also forgot all of his stuff on the beach that they departed from. Thankfully, he’s wearing seven coats and three pairs of boots. He is also well liked by the crew because this member is courageous. That courage, they figure will be essential in capturing the snark.

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The butcher talks about killing the beaver, which frightens the bellman and the beaver. They wanted to distinct the butcher & put him on his own ship. Unfortunately, that would be impossible to do since they only had one. The beaver wants to protect himself, so he gets a second dagger-proof coat. Then, the banker offers him insurance against fire or hail.

2. “The Bellman’s Speech”

The second verse of this poem is titled “The Bellman’s Speech”. In this verse, we learned that he’s navigating with blank map which everyone is happy about. They reason to themselves that having the blank map is a good thing since it is too much easy for understanding.

Unfortunately, the Bellman’s navigation was bizarre. He would shout random commands. But, to finish, they land. The bell-man then told to everyone what these 5 signs of the snark are. The first sign is that its taste is “meager and hollow”, the second is that it gets up late, the third is it slow, the fourth is the bathing machines it carries, and the fifth is its ambition.

3. “The Baker’s Tale”

The third verse in this poem begins and is titled “The Baker’s Tale”. The baker begins his sad tale by telling us about his or mother and father. The Bellman interrupts him and tells him to “skip all that part”. So, he does and skips 40 years up until when he boards the ship. He describes bidding farewell to his uncle, but the Bellman rings his Bell and tells him to skip that part as well. He moves on to describe how to hunt the snark. You seek it with the help of thimbles & hunt this with Forks. You threaten life with the railway share and Appeal it with soap. The Bellman confirms that this is the exact method he learned. Then, he warns everyone to be careful in case snark is basically a Boojum. Boojum caused people to vanish.

4 & 5. “The Hunting and Beavers Lesson”

The fourth first begins and is titled “The Hunting”. The Bellman gives the remaining speech. First, he restates how to hunt the snark. Meanwhile, everyone else is getting prepare for the hunt. In the Beavers lesson, they are hunting for the snark. The butcher makes a plan to catch the snark. Meanwhile, there are strange creatures in this land. They hear a scream and their life flashes before their eyes.

Thankfully, they realize this scream is just the bird. The butcher gets a paper and starts doing the math. Then, he gives the beaver a lesson on the bird, which is a species called Jubjub. The butcher states that the Jubjub is an eccentric type of bird. Yet it tastes delicious. He endures to talk for a long time and says that he considers the beaver to be his friend.

6. “The Barrister Dreaming”

The sixth verse is “The Barrister Dreaming”. In this dream, he sees the snark in a courtroom defending a pig accused of leaving his sty. The witnesses testify that the sty was empty. Then the snark twists the meaning of what the witnesses stated. The jury decides not to reach a decision and asks for snark to take the decision for them. The snark rules that the pig is guilty and some of the jury members faint. The snark sentences the pig, but unfortunately, it has been dead for years while the trial went on and on. The bellmen ring a bell and wake up the Barrister.

7. “The Bankers Fate”

The seventh verse is titled “The Bankers Fate”. A creature called a Bandersnatch grabs the banker. The banker makes efforts to pay all his ransom with the check but unfortunately, he fails. Then he loss of consciousness, but crew pursuits off the Bandersnatch & rescues him. Afterward, they leave the banker.

8. “The Vanishing”

The eighth verse is called “The Vanishing”. Finally, they have found the snark and are chasing after it. The Baker reaches the snark and calls out for the others. A moment later, he screams in a horrified voice that it is a “Boo…” but he’s cut off. They try & find where he encountered to the snark, then he has completely vanished. This snark was actually a Boojum.

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The Hunting of the Shark is the Nonsense verse, that was originally published on March 29, 1876. The Download Links of these incredible poems are given below.

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