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The Magic of Thinking Big written by David Schwartz. This book was just attacked with practical wisdom of how we can just start thinking bigger. Self-help book readers might have noticed that The Magic of Thinking Big has great resemblance with another book in the same genre “The Power of Positive Thinking”.

1. Excusitis:

The first big idea is excusitís, do you know what’s one of the most important differences between the mediocre and the successful person. It’s really simple there are common focuses that have infected almost everyone on this planet, this disease is called excusitís. It’s usually suffered by the mediocre person who makes excuses for why he hasn’t, why he can’t, why it doesn’t, and why he isn’t more than is demonstrating.

On the other side, you have a successful person all excuses that are made by the mediocre person could be but are not made by their successful person. One of the common types of thought, this is Intelligence Excusitis.

And that can be described by the tendency to own the belief of it,

  • lacking brains
  • Not being intelligent enough

Do you say things like this to yourself? People who suffer from Intelligence Excusitis usually are using these two faulty perspectives:

  • Number One: The underestimated their own brain power
  • Number Two: They overemphasize the other fellow’s brainpower.

Do you underestimate your own brain power and overestimate your friends’ brainpower? When people are using these two perspectives though, they are missing out on an incredibly important fact, an optimistic and cooperative person with 100 IQ level, we learn much more respect and money than the pessimistic and uncooperative person with 120 IQ level.

As the David says:

“What really matters is not how much intelligence you have but how you use what you have.”

A Good Suggestion for You: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

2. The Memory Bank:

Are there situations where you are facing challenges and are just not feeling your group like you’re up for the test because you feel so inadequate and uncertain.

Now think of your own mind like a bank, every day you make thought deposits into this bank these thoughts grow and eventually become your memory. So, when you sit down to face a problem or a challenge, it’s just like you’re asking yourself what do we know already about this from before and who supplies you with it as answers to your questions.

Meet Mr. Taylor, Mr. Taylor is incredibly reliable, he never crosses you up it delivers you the exact answers to the exact questions you’re asking of him. Let’s say you’re now gonna give a presentation and ask Mr. Taylor can it’ll deliver me some thoughts proving that I’m inadequate, he will reliably answer, certainly sir recall last-time you had a presentation and forgot what to say. Recall, the last-time you were asked a girl out on date and she said no, recall. And Mr. Taylor will continue delivering your thoughts proving that you are inaccurate.

But what if you go and ask Mr. Taylor, I face a challenge can you deliver me a few thoughts that will support me. He was once again reliably answer certainly sir you recall the last-time you had a presentation and everyone applauded your wifely. Recall the last-time you asked a girl out on date the girl who is now your wife. And Mr. Taylor will continue supplying you with thoughts proving that you are going to rock that presentation.

Remember now that it is your own questions to yourself I’m talking about here. When you sit down to face a challenge or a problem, you really have two choices:

  • Think like the Mediocre person
  • Think like the Successful person

“Successful people concentrate on putting the positive thoughts into their memory bank.”

Mediocre people do not. They keep ruminating on the same negative thoughts just like cow spitting out is food eating it again, spitting out his food eating it again. But in the end, it’s your memory bank you decide what which questions you are going to ask yourself.

3. Put Service First:

The third big idea is put service first. It’s money, a desirable object for you, if and if not, I just have to share this quote that David started out this idea with:

“The person who says he wants to be poor, he usually suffers from a feeling of inadequacy, guilt, and complex. He’s like the youngster he feels like he can’t make as in school or make the football team, so he pretends he does not want to make As or play football.”

okay now I make a try to convince you into believing that you actually do want money but how do you get it. Many people actually use a backward approach to making money, they go into it with money first attitude. These people generally forget that money can’t be harvested unless they plant the seed that grossed the money in the 1st place. And money seed is service.

Through one of David’s stories, I want to show you how money takes care of itself when you put service first. As David was driving through Cincinnati by car toward his destination. He had to refuel his tank. When he stopped at gas-station, it was wondering why it was so teeming with life around him. The gas-station looked so busy. They found out very quickly. After checking under his hood, cleaning the windscreen, and filling up his gas tank. The attendant walked over to David and said pardon me, sir! let’s been with us today, let me clean the inside of a windshield.

Quickly and thoroughly, he did the job with no extra charge. And David knew that this attendant could have thought to himself, this man David doesn’t live in this town. Chances are a 20 to one that he will never be back. So why give him more than routine treatment but this attendant didn’t think like that Atlanta Domani seated by putting service first. Eight times David draw by that gas station, he stopped eight times at that gas station.

This story illustrates a strong law working ubiquitously around us:

“Put service first and money takes care of itself – always”

4. Think Right Towards People:

The fourth big idea is to think right your people. Let’s just start with a firm statement:

“No person is all good and no person is all bad, a perfect person just doesn’t exist.”

Now assume that you’re thinking consists of 2 channels.

  • Channel Negative
  • Channel Positive

If you tune into channel negative, thinking negatively towards another person it will be too much easier for you to continue listening to that channel. So, what started off with you getting annoyed by the person is accent turns into you getting annoyed by serious looks is weight and its beliefs.

Instead, if you tune into channel positive thinking up a positive thought about a person, it will also be easier to continue on this path. What started out with you finding his smile flattering also makes it much easier for you to find his looks, his way of speaking, and his beliefs.

Likable the effect working in both of these cases is the chain-reaction of thought. When you think one thought positive or negative it will be too much easier for you to continue on the same thought path. Thinking more positive thoughts or thinking more negative thoughts. But regardless of how annoyed you may be at a person’s accent, looks, or beliefs have this thought ready to mind.

“No person is all good and no person is all bad, a perfect person just doesn’t exist.”

Your challenge now if you agree to admit it, will be to find three people today and find one thing you like about them. It could be their looks, it could be their clothes, their smile, anything. Just find one thing you like about them and notice how you be too much easier it will be to find more things you like about them.

5. Mr. A VS Mr. P:

The fifth and last big idea is Mr. A versus Mr. P. Do you have a business idea, health idea, relationship idea, but you are unsure exactly where to start? The short answer starts somewhere. Now I will get to longer answer. Let’s meet two very different people, the first person is Mr. Activationist, he takes the action, tries to get things done and follows the plans & ideas. He is active. The other person is Mr. Passivationist. He postpones doing things until he has proven that is shouldn’t or can’t do them.

The differences between Mr. A and Mr. P shows through in countless of little ways. Mr. a gets up 15 mins earlier to read something instructional or inspirational to get ideas for improvements in his life. Mr. P hits to snooze button 3 times before it drags himself up to yet another day that he really does not wanted to go through.

Differences also show through in the big things, Mr. A, age 40 is dissatisfied with his job. He figures out that if he spends five years to take a degree of master in economics, he will still only be 45 when he is finished. Still, have over twenty years of its productive work life left. So, he goes to the school bench. Mr. P also decides fight with his job besides that is way very old to start studying now. So, he stays in his old job.

Mr. Activation is does, Mr. passivation is going to do but doesn’t. Remember them that:

“Excellent ideas are not sufficient. Only a fair idea acted upon, and developed, is 100% best than a tremendous idea that dies because it isn’t followed up.”

The active person following through on imperfect ideas or the passive person waiting for the perfect ideas and circumstances.

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