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The power of now www.pdfland.usThe Power of Now is about the Spiritual Enlightenment that was written by famous novelist Eckhart Tolle. It is no wonder that The Power of Now has wholesaled more than two-million copies globally & it has been translated into more than thirty foreign languages.

The Power of Now is a vital book in the spiritual life that was written in last decade. It predominately talks about The Power of Now, how to constantly stay in present and forget about the future and the past. And It seems to be a white book for many people. It is truly an exceptional book that promises to make a real difference in people’s lives. They can modify your thinking the resolved more joy right now. The Power of Now teaches that past & future veil God from our side & time is what keeps the light from reaching us. There’s no any greater obstacle to God the entire. Live the moment and enjoy your life with The Power of Now.

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The core of this novel is based on three concepts:

  1. Thought & Emotion:

The first concept is thought & emotion. As humans, we have diverse parts of minds that drive & influence our behavior. It’s kind of our mental-emotional dance, where thoughts & emotions floating around. Stories & history of ourselves is generated. Then we come towards conclusions about physical world that based on those things. We have our thoughts that permit us to analyze and then we have our emotions that tell us how we feel. So that’s the first concept of this book tells you it’s about our thoughts & emotions and how they function to make us what we are and to do things on the daily basis.

  1. Ego and Pain Body:

Now, this is second concept. Basically, there are two-parts of ourselves that are created from thought & emotion. The first part is the ego and the second part is the pain body. So, go is part of yourself that tells you what you desire. It’ll tell you hey! you have to have a bigger house. You really deserve that promotion. And you have to have that. It tells you basic things like you have to be the richest, the smartest, the prettiest. The ego drives you to have to be more than what you are. It just constantly feels is unsatisfied with wherever you’re now. It doesn’t actually need to be there. The ego wants to drive you to the next thing. It always makes efforts to persuade you, it’s gonna to be better than where you are now. So that’s the ego.

Then there is Pain Body. Pain body is like, this is childlike part of yourself that gathers up all your pain. All the things that realize you feel worthless, judged, and mistreated are the pain body. It is sort of the accumulation of negative energy. It’s like the all the times’ people may have bullied you in school, it’s that sense of feeling like people are attacking you and you’re feeling victimized. It’s whenever bad kind of things happen to you & you feel like those things shouldn’t have happened. So, lots of times those things become a part of yourself. When pain body gets enough negative energy into it, it actually can become strong enough to take over you. And it will act out and try to get others to feed into that negativity. So that it can become bigger.

It’s too much similar to the ego, ego wants more things in future and will drive you towards the future. Pain-body takes you into past & anything that bad happened to you in past. It takes that with it into present moment & says look at what has happened to me. You’re to blame and you’re doing this to me again like everyone did in the past.

So, those are the two creations that come out of thought & emotion that live in all human beings. We have different amounts of ego and pain body within us.

  1. Awareness:

The final and the third concept is Awareness. Now, awareness is the most abstract one to understand but it does exist in within everybody. Awareness is the purest part of ourselves. It as a timeless watcher, it doesn’t live in physical world, it doesn’t live in time. It’s part of ourselves that many people either are really in touch with it. Many people are more spiritual will sense it or know about but not quite understand it. Many people will say it God or the universe or whatever. This is awareness.

If whenever, when your thoughts & emotions are silent all that’s left is awareness, you only sense this part of yourself when you’re in present moment, e.g. if you sit & take some deep breaths in a noiseless space for just 60 seconds. You’ll understand what I am talking about. Your mind will first be jumbled with thoughts and feelings at first. But then you’re going to sense them sort of drop away from you and then you’re going to just sense there’s nothing but silence, this is kind of awareness of something.

That’s your purest state and only lasts for few seconds when you do this exercise. Because what will happen is, your thoughts or your emotions would immediately start to come back up and that’s just because they have a strong magnetic force to them. So, you may be seeing there in the calm quiet space and sense the awareness and suddenly, your mind & thought will come in saying shouldn’t you be getting something done. You’ll have a strong negative emotion. But awareness is that party that reveals true nature of the world.

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It is similar to what you would experience when you see a beautiful view of forest and the mountains like a beautiful Vista view of nature. It’s when your thoughts & emotions drop away and you see something that’s greater than your life around you. And you realize is a bigger presence at work in universe. Then like you would see a beautiful view and have that experience when you saw it after some moments not even for a full minute, you’ll start to understand that your mind & your feelings will come into the play and take away that moment of awareness.

You’ll start to say oh there must be several thousand trees, there must be at least six or seven mountaintop ranges you can see. And oh, this is making me feel happy and sad, it reminds me of something to happen in my past. Then the moment of awareness is gone and you coming back to identifying your thoughts & emotions.

So that’s what awareness is and awareness is sort of the goal in The Power of Now, what they’re trying to say people to strive towards. Because when you’re in moment of awareness is when you’re in your truest state. And you’re connected with doing things outside of your small way of existing. Because if you think about it, if you’re living in your thoughts you’re usually caught, usually find yourself over analyzing everything, then you get engrossed in worry if you live too much in your emotions. You’re easily victimized and you’re usually caught up in lots of fear.

So anyway, this leads us to the fourth concept which is all about identification. Identification is who are you. Ask yourself a question who are you? and you’re gonna find all types of different answers. You’re gonna say well I’m a son, I’m a daughter, I’m a neighbor, a friend, whatever your job is You may say that you may find yourself victimized say I’m the victim. You may do something bad to others and say well I’m the person who is mean to other people or I’m just a pushy person or an aggressive person or passive person. These are the characters that we play and how we start to recognize & define ourselves.

When you ask the question, you know Who you are and then this is just an example of how your mind when it creates these roles. They’re almost like a magnetic pole that ground you in reality and say what your name is you know your name and your role. These are roles that we’re playing in life and they have a magnetic pull and crew that help us to create our identity which is, of course, is very important. Because you wouldn’t be who you are without these roles. They’re all a part of being the human being and we’re all different. We each have a role to play in world to achieve something and do what we do.

So anyway, it is not anything negative about recognizing with these things. But it’s too much important to be aware of that you have capability to shift where you recognize with yourself. Whether it’s in a different role, whether you identify more with your thoughts or emotions. And whether you identify more with your pain body, you identify more with your ego or you find with your awareness. That’s the goal of book is to move your identification more often into awareness. Which is a more pure place to identify with as it takes you out of lots of the negative stuff that can hinder you from leading a more meaningful life.

So The Power of Now is about capability to living in “Now”. And to identify with a timeless awareness that lives outside to physical world by being present as much as possible. Also, to look to accept all things in physical world as constantly in a state of transformation and accepting nothing is permanent. You do not have to stay passive. This book is not about being passive and allowing people to take benefit of you or be this person who does only good things and you supposed to become the saint after you read this book. That’s not what the book is about. The message is just to be present in there, in any situation and take action or not take action through being within state of awareness.

Let all other parts of brain be the tools to get the job done & the awareness be the control-room where you make all decisions. If you can focus on living your life from state of awareness. You’ll find that all your thoughts, your emotions, your pain body and your ego will all serve you to do whatsoever it is your requirement to do. Without you feeling like why am I? doing this and I wish I would have done that. It’s just like the guide to really help you to become a person that you were intended to become. Just simply by allowing things that just happen as they happen to see them for what they are and then saying I am going to do something about that or I’m not.

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