The Secret Garden Novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett

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The Secret Garden by the famous novelist Frances Hodgson Burnett. “Mary Lennox” is an unwanted child living in the India with her parents. She’s unattractive & unwell, suffering emotional neglect & illness. Mary’s socialite mother leaves her daughter entirely to care of Indian servants. Mary’s father is the Army officer of Britain and has gone most of the time. No one outside the house even knows they have a child. Marry is spoiled because her mother orders the servants to provide her with whatever she wanna keep her quiet & out of sight. This taught Mary to behave very badly with others and she cares about no one but herself. When there is an outbreak of Cholera Mary hide in a room & soon she is the only person left alive in the house.

British soldiers rescue Mary she is sent to Yorkshire, England to live with her widower uncle, Archibald Craven, at the Misselthwaite Manor. Mary takes an instant dislike to the manor’s servants & the feeling is mutual. As in India Mary is again closed up in the room and told not to explore the house. But one servant named Martha talks about her young brother Dickon who loves animals. Martha says there’s the walled garden on grounds that belonged to mistress Craven. When she died 10 years ago, the master locked the garden door and buried the key. Mary looks for the garden and makes two friends: a singing Robin in a tree & old gardener named “Ben”. Mary enquires him about Secret Garden but he won’t answer.

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For several weeks, Mary spends time outdoors & regains her health. She learns that Mrs. Craven pass away after falling out of the tree in garden & starts to feel pity for her uncle. More than one-time, Mary believed she hears the child crying inside the house but the servants insist they hear nothing. Mary follows the high-stone wall that was covered with the ivy around the grounds but can’t find a door. The Robin her friend flies down & lands on the little mound of Earth where Mary finds a long-buried key. Martha’s mother sends a skipping rope as a gift from Mary. As she is skipping down a path accompanied by the Robin the wind moves the ivy on the wall and reveals a door. Mary uses her key and walks into Secret Garden. It is early spring & the garden appears dead and dry.

Mary hopes it will come back to life and begins weeding and cleaning it. That night Mary yet again hears the crying inside the house & the servants again deny hearing anything. Mary goes into woods and finds a boy playing a wooden pipe surrounded by animals who are charmed by the music. He is Dickon Sowerby, Martha’s young brother, and has brought Mary seeds and a gardening tool. The Robin joins them and Mary takes Dickon to Secret Garden. He says most of the plants are still alive & perhaps someone has been tending at all these years.

Master Craven returns to the manor and apologizes for not having met Mary before now. She asks for a bit of Earth for a gardening which makes him remember of his late wife. He told her that she may have any place on the grounds. Mary wakes to sound of the child crying. This time she finds a thin pale boy crying and screaming on a bed. He is Colin Craven, Master Craven’s son, also 10-years-old. He is sickly & never spoken of. The 2 neglected children become friends. Colin is afraid he will die because his doctor is also his father’s brother, so the doctor has not any purpose to keep Colin alive. The doctor will inherit the manor if Colin is dead. Mary tells him about Secret Garden and Colin shows her a portrait behind a rose-colored curtain. It’s a smiling beautiful woman – his mother, Mistress Craven.

When Mary returns to Secret Garden, plants are beginning to grow and the Robin is building a nest. Dickon is there with some pet wild animals. She learns that everybody knows about Colin but is forbidden to speak of him. Dickon & Mary resolved to find a way to bring Colin to garden. Colin and Mary argue. Colin screams in a violent tantrum and insists he is going to die, but Mary stands up to him. Dickon arrives and brings few of his animals to Colin’s room – squirrels, fox, & crow. they make plants to take Colin to visit Secret Garden.

A footman carries Colin outside to his wheelchair. He looks and feels more alive, especially in the garden. He feels sad on seeing the tree from which his mother fell to her death, but the children feel his mother’s presence remains in her garden and it is she who has brought the 3 of them together. But Ben, the gardener, catches them and calls Colin a “Poor Cripple”. Angered, Colin stands for the 1st time and confronts Ben. Ben speaks he has been coming to garden once a year since Mistress Craven died, for she asked him to care for it if anything happened to her.

Colin declares that secret garden is now his and plants a single rose to claim it. Colin rapidly becomes stronger & begins to resemble his mother. He hopes this means his father will accept him. In garden, the Robin And his mate have a nest of eggs in the tree. Master Craven, traveling abroad, dreams of his wife questioning him to meet her in their garden. He drives to home to find out his son, Colin, strong and happy in garden with his friends – a garden that is no longer secret.

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