The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Novel by Deepak Chopra

The-Seven-Spiritual-Laws-of-Success-www.pdfland.usThe Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

It is the self-help book of Deepak Chopra. It was actually published in year 1994 by “New World Library”. This is the pocket-sized novel of just 118 pages.

1. The Law of the Pure Potentiality:

The law is that in which field of every possibility is available to us. When we’re fully conscious & connected truly to ourselves. Sadly, most people are not connected to themselves. Instead, they are more concerned with what’s outside of themselves. And use outside sources such as other people, material possessions, and circumstances as a measure of their own self-worth. Chopra calls this Object Referral.

Object referrals power comes from your ego. It’s fear-based & very fragile because sources are beyond the control can shatter it. Let’s imagine you’ve got a good job and you feel powerful due to this. But then you get unwaged now you lose your job and your source of power. Which makes you question your own self-worth. This is also very common when relationships come to an end. People feel as they lost a portion of their individuality & their value. But we can train ourselves to choose self-referral over object referral.

Self-referral is when you become your own internal reference point. You don’t look to outside sources to measure your Worth or give you acceptance and approval. Because you give it to yourself to start shifting from object referral to self-referral. We must initially recognize where we are seeking acceptance and approval from outside in or inside out. Strengthen your linking with yourself by meditating in journal and daily.

2 & 3. The Law of Giving and karma:

The next two laws we are talking about are founded on the same belief of cause & effect.

  • The “law of giving” says “give that what you seek”.
  • The “law of karma” says “what you give you get”.

Whether you’ve faith in karma or not, it’s basically living life by the excellent and wonderful rule. Treat other persons as you like to be treated, which we can all agree is positive. By all means, if you desire other persons to talk about you well then gossip about them. But if you would rather, you can choose to give people gifts with your attention and kindness.

These two laws help us realize that everything we do is a choice and every choice we assemble has a consequence. Start thinking through your choices, think beforehand you act by asking yourself what the consequence of this action is and how will it affect others.

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4. The Law of Least Effort:

Chopra told us that attention towards the ego burn-up heavy amount of our energy. So, when we’re in an object-referral state and seeking outside acceptance in approval. Our thoughts and our actions are all in anticipation of the outside world’s response to us. And this drains us of all of our energy.

For example, we’ve all sent a text message and not received a response. Then spent the coming several hours or even days worrying and wondering why the other individual didn’t show response to us. We’re wasting our energy and resources on trying to maintain our own self-importance. As if a text message can take that away now. The “law of detachment” will definitely help you practice lots of least effort. So, let’s move on to that.

5. The Law of Detachment:

It is the detachment from a needed outcome or result. When you’re attached to having things go a certain way such as receiving a response to your text. And then they don’t go that way you become upset and you try and fight with the reality.

For instance, you left for work with enough time to be 10 minutes early. But due to an accident, you’re now gonna be 15 minutes late. You’ve got a choice, you can fight reality & think I should be on time. And you’re gonna be stressed out & miserable when get to work. You’re gonna be flustered and less productive or instead, you can choose to admit the reality that you’re gonna be late. And that it’s beyond the control & you may listen to your favorite music and just have a relaxing car ride to work.

The “law of Detachment” doesn’t give you the green light to be irresponsible. But rather recognize that fighting situations and people beyond control of you, don’t change them. It changes your attitude for the worse. Detachment is accepting life as it happens and taking responsibility by focusing your attention. The only place you might control which is yourself and your responses to the outside world.

6. The Law of Intention and Desire:

It doesn’t contradict the “law of detachment” but rather works alongside it. See each day you try to make your future based on some selections you make today. Therefore, a clear intention and desire for your future needed but without fighting the reality of today.

Tony Robbins says

“Life doesn’t happen to you. It happens for you.”

See our opportunities come wrapped-up in unexpected moments of lives. So, we wanna maintain a clear intention and desire for our future. While simultaneously being present in moment prepared for the uncertainty of life. Therefore, detached when it comes to how our life unfolds. Knowing that it’s happening FOR YOU not TO YOU.

Chopra sums this up by saying,

“Your intent is for the future but attention is in present.”

7. The Law of Dharma:

The last law is a “law of Dharma” or you may say the determination in life. Chopra and nearly all other great teachers believe that each & everyone has a purpose for their life. That purpose is related to their unique talents & interest. Take inventory of yourself right out your talents, interests, passions, and desires. Now how could you use those to help other people? That is your Dharma.

Chopra asks us a question to help out to determine the purpose & life that’s exactly what’s on the actualization worksheet. So, check this out for more now. This is really an amazing book & the quick read as well. What you will particularly like is that every chapter he gives you ends with ways to apply each law to your life.

So, let’s end with a quote:

“Every single problem that you have in life is a seed of opportunity for some greater benefit.” – Deepak Chopra

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