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The absolutely incredible book “Think and Grow Rich” written by Napoleon Hill. He modeled 13 key principles for tr self-improvement book, that all the wealthy, all the successful people of that time that he talked to had in common. These 13 principles were seen in all of them.

1. Desire:

The very first key principle diving into it is “Desire”. Napoleon Hill says desire is the 1st step towards success in any level of achievement. He explains that there are six steps to achieving your desire. These steps specifically focused on money, creating abundance into your life but it can be focused on any level of the success in any area that you truly want.

So, the initial point is to:

  1. Aim for the “EXACT” amount of currency you wish to have in your possession.
  2. Decide what you can give in return. Perhaps a service you’ll provide.
  3. Choose the target date by which you’ll have got this money.
  4. Make a clear plan, and start implementing it immediately.
  5. Rely on the first four steps, write down a clear statement of money you’ll make, the target date, what you will offer in return and your plan for accumulating. It’s very important to write it down on a paper. Because when you write things down on paper, you’re actually trigging way more neuro-pathways than if you were to type it.
  6. Read aloud the written statement before sleeping, and once again right after waking up in the morning time. As you read this, feel like you already have this money.

2. Faith:

The second major key principle is faith. Napoleon says it is vital that you have faith/belief that you may achieve it. Author proposes that faith is such the state of a brain which might be provoked by assertions for frequent commands to subconscious mind. Another method that may provide the faith is to make an image of achieving your desire again & again. Repetition is what is really going to make the change.

3. Auto-suggestion:

The third key principle Napoleon Hill is Autosuggestion. Its the method of making an unconscious mind work for you through frequent suggestion. It’s like the great saying it is the power that does the work. So, to get that into your unconscious mind you’ve to think about it frequently.

Hill and his book suggest that you make a written statement of your goal. Then take short time in the evening & get in the following morning to repeat this statement over & over again. Leave a copy of it around and learn it by heart. While repeating the statement, it’s crucial that you see yourself as an achiever of the goal that you truly desire.

4. Specialized Knowledge:

The fourth key principle is specialized knowledge. Author says that to succeed, you’ll need particular knowledge of what you expect to do in response to prosperity. So many people are “Jack of all trades is master of none”. Napoleon says that you’ve to reserve every day some time to realize more about what you do for a living. Take whatever course is necessarily associated with people already doing it. So, do whatever you might learn and master that specialized skill and then you will be very very hard to replace.

5. Imagination:

Number five imagination, this principle retells us how powerful our imagination is. You know every well-off person is telling us that you’ve to see what you desire before you can manifest it in your life. Whether your mind says you can or you can’t, you’re right. Napoleon Hill puts it phenomenally well when says

“Whatever the mind of a man can conceive & believe it can achieve.”

We should constantly utilize our imagination to think of behaviors to do what it is we’re doing better. And further you think further you visualize. It’s gonna be like an architect designing your ideal life. And eventually, you are gonna be capable to patent what it is you truly desire.

6. Organized Planning:

Number six organized planning, in this section, Napoleon Hill talked about the worth of having a definite plan. A man without a plan is like a ship without a course. In this section, Napoleon Hill also lists the eleven characteristics of great leaders they are as follow:

  1. Unwavering Courage
  2. Definiteness of the plans
  3. Definiteness of the Decision
  4. Self-Control
  5. They’ve got a practice of doing additional than you’re paid for
  6. They’ve got a striking personality
  7. Deep Sense of the Justice
  8. Sympathy & Understanding
  9. Mastery of the Detail
  10. Readiness to accept Full Responsibility
  11. Co-operation

7. Decision:

Now the seventh key principle in “Think and Grow Rich” is a “Decision”. The very common attribute of extremely successful people is a speed of implementation to reach the decisions lightning-fast. One thing that will improve the decision-making is to have very definite objectives. The vibrant you see your objective, the faster your decisions will be because you know where you’re going. You can just think well this decision abetted me get there faster or is it taking me away from the star that I’m aiming at.

8. Persistence:

The Eighth key principle is persistence. Napoleon says that the lack of the persistence has kept the majority from great accomplishment. So many times, we wanna do something and we get off-track or roulette circumstances dictated. As you listen to the sound of my voice, realize that all these great people are saying that if you see what you actually want and you plant your flag. And you become firmly decisive about what it is you truly desire, nothing will stop you.

9. The Mastermind:

Number nine is a power of mastermind. Now to define a mastermind, he speaks that it’s a spirit of agreement among 2 or more persons for the accomplishment of a definite purpose. He discusses how when 2 or more minds get together their forms. This third intangible force, this mastermind that actually links them together helping produce ideas. That you could actually come-up with by yourself.

10. Sex Transmutation:

Now the tenth key principle in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is secret of sex transmutation. What he narrates here is the significance of having a good mate that is with you on your trip supporting you. This will increase your enthusiasm and make you why even stronger. So, you’re gonna rapidly take more action to attain the goal that you aim to achieve.

11. Subconscious Mind:

The Eleven key principle is subconscious mind. Subconscious mind, he describes is a field of consciousness. Where every impulsive thought that spreads the objective mind via 1 of the 5 senses is classified & recorded. And from which opinions & views may be recalled or withdrawn. He discusses how your sub-conscious mind is never idle. It’s constantly working to realize the solutions to your problems or whatever you’re focusing on with your sensible mind. He told us about the significance of always focusing on your objective. Not the how then how is the sphere of unconscious mind or the universe that’s going to provide you the action steps. It’s gonna bubble-up into your sensible mind & you’ll get ideas & inspirations to act on.

All you wanna go through the complete day is reflect about your goal & feel good about it. And see yourself already accomplished it many many times during. Subconscious mind is more aware and it’s so much easy to execute the ideas into the unconscious mind.

12. The Brain:

The 12 Key principle author talks about is the brain. He writes that brain is the amazing organ consists of billions and trillions of cells, neurons etc. And he said that it’s in a very shame that an average man you come across has no clue how to make use of this phenomenal tool we have as our brain. He goes on to say that we have to provide our brain ideas and jobs to work on. So, we can solve the issues and achieve our goals in lightning speed.

13. The Sixth Sense:

Finally, the 13th key principle is “The Sixth Sense”. He tells that the 6th sense we have is the intuition. It can be labeled as the immeasurable intelligence that can communicate freely without any exertion from the individual. Now he also underlines the significance of mastering the 1st 12 key principles so then the sixth sense you got, you’re actually using it effectively. Because if you’re not using the auto-suggestion, if you’re not using your unconscious mind in the proper way, the ideas and intuitions you’re getting are not gonna be leading you to story you’re shooting at.

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