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Treasure Island PDF

Treasure Island PDF www.pdflnd.usTreasure Island PDF is the novel written by famous novelist Robert Louis Stevenson. Basically, it was published on November 14, 1883. The novel’s main protagonist is a younger boy named Jim Hawkins who lives at the Admiral, Benbow Inn with his mother. Now one day, an old sea captain named Billy Bones comes to the Inn. Jim and Jim’s mom are really interested because Billy Bones has his old sea chest. So, Billy Bones told him that he’ll pay him if Jim will watch out for this one-legged sailor that Billy Bones seems to be very frightened of.

Billy Bones has been living with Jim and Jim’s mother at Inn for quite a while. One day, Billy’s old sea friend comes to visit him and they get to talking but the conversation doesn’t go very well. So, eventually, Billy succumbs to a stroke. As Billy’s getting better, he told Jimmy that the shipmates that he used to sail with under the now dead captain Flint want his sea chest. And they’ll do anything to get it.

Later on, Jim meets his old blind man who wants to talk to Billy. He gives Billy a Black Spot and this black spot is basically a verdict of pirate guilt and that means Billy only has six hours left to live. He gets horrified and jumps out of bed and then falls down dead from another stroke. After Billy dies, Jim and Jimmy’s mother dig around in their sea, chest and find among other things a treasure map.

This wealth map is basically what the Pirates are looking for. Therefore, Jim and Jim’s mother grab it and flee the inn while the old man comes back with lots of his other pirate friends and basically destroyed the Benbow Inn. After their end is destroyed Jim’s mother decides to stay behind in a neighboring town. While Jim takes a map and thinks to go talk to Dr. Livesey who is the local doctor. They also meet with Squire Trelawneym who is a local nobleman.

So, Livesey Trelawneym and Jim all decide that they should go and hunt for treasure. They decide to set sail and bring Jim along as a cabin boy & everyone swears to secrecy. After a few frustrating leaks, Trelawneym manages to find a ship named the Hispaniola. Then Trelawneym meets up with an old sailor named Long, John, Silver who’s only one. So over promises Trelawneym he can help him find crew to work on Hispaniola and Trelawneym believes him.

Last but not least, the captain is Captain Smollett. It was very opinionated, very straightforward and doesn’t like Jim all that much. Jim loves working on the ship as a cabin boy & he also loves hearing the old stories that silver tells about being a sailor long ago. Jim was also intrigued by Silver, supposedly 200 Euro parrots, nicknamed captain Flint after the pirate.

One day, however, Jim jumps in the Apple Barrel because he was hungry. Then he overhears a very important conversation between silver and little of the other crew members. It appears that silver has nearly 3,000 pounds saved in a bank somewhere. He tells in his old stories working under Captain Flint, the old pirate. It turns out that most members on board the Hispaniola are really Captain Flint’s old crew members here to take the treasure for themselves.

As Treasure Island becomes visible from the ship, Jim goes down below to warn Smollett Livesey and Trelawneym about the dangers of their crew. Trelawneym admits that he was stupid to hire the crew and Smollett warn everyone to stay vigilant. So, captain Smollett allows the pirate members to go to the Treasure Island for a diversion. Jim didn’t think that he was needed on board of Hispaniola. So, he jumps on the pirate ships that head out for Treasure Island. Once they land on the Island, Jim runs away from the Pirates.

pirates www.pdfland.usLater on, he hears some voices talking so it goes over to check it out. Silver is trying to change this loyal crew into a pirate but he won’t be turned. So silver attacks him with the knife and murder him. As Jim travels deeper into the island, he meets Ben Gunn, who had been marooned there 3 years ago on a failed treasure hunting trip. Ben promises to show Jim where the treasure is if Jim promises to help get Ben off the island.

Now Dr. Livesey has taken over the narration. He, Trelawneym, and other crew members decide to go on Island. There they found a stockade which is basically like a fort that was built back during Flint’s time. So, the men make it to the stockade but they must fight with bombardment of cannon fire coming from the Hispaniola from the couple pirates that were left on board. Just as dr. Livesey is wondering where Jim has gotten to, Jim shows up. Jim tells them about Ben Gunn and how he can help them find the treasure.

Later, they hear that silver is coming with a flag of the truce. He demands that they hand over the map of the treasure in return for ceasefire. Captain Smollett denies and silver leaves angrily. some hours later, as expected the pirates attacked the stockade. Men died on both sides but the good side lost fewer. Jim along with his friends have some downtime in, stockade and he begins to learn to do something more heroic. So, he chooses to go and look for a handmade boat. The Ben Gunn said he had made. After he finds a small boat, Jim has this idea. He thinks that he can reach the Hispaniola and cut it adrift.

Jim rose out to Hispaniola in the tiny little boat. He slices rope and sets her adrift but then he loses his way and gets his soul up to God and fell into asleep in the boat. Whenever he rises up, and he realizes he’s on the southwest side of the island. He then notices that the Hispaniola has drifted in the same manner and he concludes that the Pirates left on board or either drunk or have deserted the ship. After lots of effort, Jim finally makes it on deck of the Hispaniola.

Treasure Island PDF www.pdflandWhile his small boat is destroyed by the tide but once on deck Jim finds that Israel hands to the last pirate Watchmen on board is completely drunk and so Jim names himself Captain of Hispaniola. His real hands and strikes to talk with Jim promising to help Jim navigate the Hispaniola into a safe Inlet if Jim promises to give Israel medical attention food and water. Jim agrees in the excitement of bringing the Hispaniola safely into port. Jim forgets that Israel’s hands is still a pirate and he tried to kill Jim. After his scuffle, Jim ends up with a knife wound and Israel’s hands end up dead.

Jim tracks back from the evening to find the stockade where he thinks he’ll be safe. But once he enters the stockade, he realizes that the Pirates have taken over Captain silver’s parrot screams out and alerts the Pirates to Jim’s presence. Jim talks to captain silver for long and learns that his friends are still living. Captain silver has the treasure map and that Silver’s men are becoming angrier. Silver’s men decide to have a council and after they’re done, they give captain silver black spot saying that he’s been thrown out of position as captain.

Captain Silver gets very angry and gave a motivating speech that ends with him showing the map of treasure to the crew. Things quiet down and they all go to sleep. Though Jim worries about his friends. in The morning Dr. Livesey arrives to look after the crew. He’s shocked to see Jim and asked to speak with him. Dr. Livesey and Jim have a conversation we’re live sea suggest that Jim make a run for it but Jim says no. Then Jim and the pirate sit down to have breakfast. The Pirates are all motivated that they will find the treasure that day.

After breakfast, they all had to hunt for treasure with captain telling Jim along on a lead. After several hours, they stop for a break and the Pirates hear a voice that sounds like Captain Flint speaking his last words. All the crew was terrified but silver tells them don’t worry about and that they should press on. Once they find the spot, they come to know that someone had already been there and take out the treasure. Just as a crew is ready to kill silver and Jim lifts each reel on Ian Smollett jumped through the trees and fire their guns scaring off the Pirates.

It’s revealed that Ben Gunn had already got treasure a while ago and had moved it. It’s also revealed that he was the one doing captain Flint’s voice. Jim is after seeing his friends again and they share a meal together. The men spent three days loading up the treasure on the Hispaniola. They also find three of the last mutineers who begged to be taken on board.

However, Jim along with his friends decided to leave the marooned on Island of some provisions. The Hispaniola eventually makes it back to Bristol. It’s revealed, Captain Smollett has retired from sea life and that Ben Gunn now works as an innkeeper. Silver’s never heard from again after he escaped with some treasure. One-night Jim wishes him well after noting that most of the treasure remains on Island. Jim says that nothing will make him want to go back there again as he still see bad dreams about the island and that’s it.

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