Who Moved My Cheese? PDF Book by Spencer Johnson

Who Moved My Cheese?

You should go read Who Moved My Cheese? seriously because it is life-changing. It definitely has some amazing points but honestly, it’s just short, it took me like 45 minutes maybe an hour to read. So, it had so many so many things packed into that small amount of time. Seriously in the time, you could take to watch like one or two trashy shows instead you can be learning and build yourself and make yourself into a better person. It’s all about changing and adapting and that change it’s coming so that’s a pretty easy concept. It’s kind of the things that you already knew but all it takes is one person to tell you something and then lightbulb you have this inspiration of course.

Another thing that You will really like about the book is that it has each of the little sayings on a piece of cheese. And that sounds like really stupid, but it makes it so easy to go back through the book and review all of the different sayings and just kind of review the whole story.

It’s basically about these two people and as well as these two mice that are running through the maze trying to find the cheese. Somebody moves it and it’s just a matter of the cheese is gone and go find another cheese or do you stay just hoping that eventually, this cheese will magically show up in the same place that you’ve always seen it so the bulk of this story is about.

The purpose of the book is to help remove fear and anxiety about not knowing what changes. Once in a while, we might get blindsided by a big change. But if we anticipate change by paying attention to the little details moving things, we can be prepared for the change. We will all experience changes many times in our lives. And we’ll all deal with it in different ways, those that quickly adapt are better off in the long run.

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who moved my cheese www.pdfland.usWho Moved My Cheese? is written by Spencer Johnson. It focuses on change and how we deal with changes in our life. Now you may be wondering what is the author talking about when he says cheese. Cheese refers to almost anything we want in life. Whether it’s money, relationships, a new job, new career, anything that you want. That’s what the author is referring to when he says cheese. So, this book tells a made-up story of two mice and two little people as the author calls it. They’re out in this make-believe world and what they do every day is they’re trying to find cheese in this maze. So, they are in their homes and there’s this big maze out there and somewhere within the maze, there’s cheese. Thus. each day, they wake up they go out into the maze and start looking for cheese.

Now the four characters in this book are two mice and their’s names are Sniff and Scurry and two little people and their names are Hem and Haw. These four characters go out into the maze every day. And they start off running through sniffing their way trying to find the cheese.

The book starts off where they go to station C and they find this giant pile of cheese. Everybody’s happy everybody can eat and so the four characters enjoy the cheese. They keep coming back every day, the pile still there. They eat their cheese. Now the two mice, they understand that this pile is not going to be there forever. Eventually, it’s going to run out and they’re going to do something different.

The two little people in the story, they’re content with just always coming to the same place, oh! this cheese is always going to be here and nothing is ever going to change. So, time goes on and the Chiefs pile starts to dwindle. The mice notice this but the people don’t. Then one day all of a sudden, they get to station C and the pile is gone. When the mice see this, they don’t freak out. They understand that.

These pounds are gone, it’s time to move on in the maze and find some more cheese. Now when the people see this, they freak out. One of them shouts, Who Moved My Cheese?. The thing is most of us don’t like change and these people certainly showed it. So, instead of accepting the change that happened, that the cheese is gone and moving forward, they came back to the same spot each and every day hoping that something was going to be different. And that they deserved the cheese to be there.

Now the two mice, they’ve already run off into the maze looking for new cheese. They kind of follow a trial-and-error method. When something changes, they don’t dwell on it too much. They just move on and continue on until they can find more cheese and regain their happiness, Now the two humans, they sat there and they were almost paralyzed by fear because they didn’t want to go back out into the maze and keep looking. They would rather just feel sorry for themselves and just get stuck in their ways.

Ultimately, one of the humans finally decides that he’s had enough, he’s being ridiculous staying in this empty room with no cheese. And he decides to face his fears and go out into the maze as he goes along. He’s certainly scared. He doesn’t know what’s out there, he doesn’t know if he’s ever gonna find any more cheese. But he has no other choice. He’s going to start if he just stays in this empty room with no cheese so he continues on and gained more confidence as he goes out there. And he explores new options. He finds it’s fun, it’s almost exhilarating and ultimately, he comes across the room that just has a mega load of cheese.

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Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson. This is a really good read. It is an interesting short story the book is less than a hundred pages but the ideas are extremely valuable. It talks about how to adapt to change. A lot of people don’t know how to adapt to change and most times just get left behind. This book talks about a few different personalities: Sniff, Scurry, Hem, and Haw. And pretty much how each person adapts to change and what they do with it.

The greatest value you will be got from this book, a point that talked about envisioning yourself where you want to be. Whether you’re going through a change or struggle and you’re just not where you want to just truly envision with everything. That you have what it is your goals or what you want in life. And slowly the more and more you believe you start attracting the energy and more and more will become your reality. That’s a pretty powerful point.

Although this book is written in a short sword format. There’s a really great conversation at the end that ties everything together and shows real-life examples of how everybody can integrate this story into their daily lives. My favorite real-life example the book talks about at the end is relationships. It talks about when there’s a struggle or a change, a lot of people think to adapt to change just leaving and getting out of that relationship. But instead of resorting to that right away, why not just change your habits and leave old habits that cause problems in the past behind and start a new journey with the same person. I thought that was a really really cool point.

All in all, this was a great read. You can’t give away too much because the book is so short. But the overall message this book sentence is just open to change. This world is always changing and if we don’t change as well it’s gonna be a lot harder to survive. I recommend this book just about everyone. Because we all deal with change and we should all embrace change and find the positive light behind it.

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