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If you’re totally confused by the caste of Wuthering Heights, you’re not alone. That’s because everyone is related and shares same name. But don’t worry!

don’t panic!

You can easily get by if you remember four names (two couples) in Wuthering Heights: Catherine & Heathcliff and Catherine & Hareton.

Catherine & Heathcliff are the two characters around whom EVERYTHING in this story orbits. They’re raised as brother & sister (although Heathcliff is adopted) and fell intensely in love as adults. They can’t be together because, well, Heathcliff is it of the right social class so Catherine marries to Edgar Linton.

Catherine & Edgar have one child – younger Catherine – who has the other significant relationship in this story. Heathcliff forces the younger Catherine to marry with his son, named Linton, (the son of his wife Isabella, Edgar’s sister). But Linton kicks the bucket early and Chapman is left with only the servant (like Bible-spouting Joseph and housekeeper narrator Nelly Dean) and her other cousin Hareton.

Hareton is the son of Hindley, the older Catherine’s brother. But here’s what’s most important about Hareton. He becomes the younger Catherine’s second husband, resulting in the only healthy relationship in the entire novel.

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Wuthering Heights www.pdfland.usThe Classical novel Wuthering Heights is authored by famous novelist Emily Brontë. It was first issued in 1847 and he offers first went under pen-name of Ellis Bell. But the revised edition was released in 1950. Most unfortunately, however, the author died because of “Tuberculosis” in 1848 one year after. Her only novel was released and she didn’t live to see its new edition come out that had been advised by her sister.

Back to the book itself, Wuthering Heights, the house which is the main location of plot. Wuthering is Yorkshire word which means tempestuous weather and the place grounded on Moors. The story of this novel revolves around two people, the man named Heathcliff and the woman, whose name was Catherine Earnshaw. These two people were known to each other since their child-hood and love each other intensely.

You may think it is another hopeless period romance novel with a lovey-dovey ending. Well, it’s wrong. Wuthering Heights book is anything but cheerful. It is possibly the darkest tale you’ve ever read. All characters in this story are miserable and unhappy and here is why. Heathcliff arrives at the Wuthering Heights as a starving orphan from Liverpool and because he has dark skin, he’s believed to be socially inferior. And is therefore treated badly by other people except for Catherine, his one, and only childhood friend. The two of them has an almost inseparable pair and get closer and closer to one another all the time.

In fact, the two have so much in common. It seems that Catherine and she even said this herself that she & Heathcliff were one the same person. Then inevitably, they both fall head over heels for each other. But that’s where everything goes terribly wrong, Catherine has been asked to wed Edgar Linton, who is by that age expected to settle down with someone. She accepts but confesses to her housemaid that she still irrevocably loves Heathcliff. But she marries Linton because she’s expected to do so.

So, she was torn among two men and instead of following her heart she follows what’s expected of her in society. She ends-up marrying Edgar and this causes Heathcliff to become immoral & cruel to everyone around him & even death follows.

It was very fascinating book and literally, I found it too much difficult to put it down. Here’s the strange thing I don’t really like any character. I thought Heathcliff was vile and cruel and a very bitter person who should learn to let things go. Catherine was whiny and wanted her own way. Edgar was a giant girl’s blouse. The only character, I really didn’t like was the housemaid who was kind considerate and very warm person, who didn’t let the miserable atmosphere of the Wuthering Heights have Becht her. Yet despite the fact, I despised many of the characters. I was really fascinated by it.


The themes in book were very gothic and dark. It deals with social class prejudiced, hatred, cruelty, and love. The main message of the story always follows your heart, never let people decide what’s good for you as you will end up a very miserable person. I definitely don’t suggest this one for children. There are lots of violent scenes in the book & pretty disturbing images too. It has the hint of supernatural in it and also it features a ghost.

Although, Wuthering Heights itself isn’t exactly haunted. It does dwell on the reminiscence of the bad memories from Heathcliff and Catherine’s past, giving the place a creepy feel to it.

Anyway, now to the bad parts of this book.

What I really didn’t like about this book was the confusion with some of its characters until the 10th chapter. I was baffled with who was who. But I think that was just me. Another thing was that several dialects in book were the pain in bum to understand. Sometimes I’m not being horrible to people live in Yorkshire. Sorry, if I offended you but it was actually hard to decipher.

However, I heard that all websites which can translate its own not fast really. Overall a classic read and I definitely recommend it to the people who are looking for a dark tragedy novel and for someone who’s strong so they can handle it. I’m not saying people are weak if they do not like the themes. But if you’re easily upset by this sort of abuse displayed maybe this isn’t the right one for you.


The world would be much better if ‘Wuthering Heights’ had never been written. That’s what some critics thought when the novel was issued in 1847. So, were they right?

I have to confess that I struggled with Wuthering Heights. A girl needs character she can love and relate to which is not exactly what you get out of Catherine and Heathcliff. There is much violence and willfulness and vengeance and cruelty but don’t despair. If you’ve to read this book in English or even if you don’t. I would say that it is worth starting and finishing. Because if you don’t appreciate Emily Bronte’s beautiful writing – and it is beautiful – you can appreciate what she has to say about love and passion. They can be all-consuming, they can be terrifying. They can inspire acts of enormous cruelty. And those are exactly the kinds of love and passion you’ll want to avoid.

Wuthering Heights shows you what happens if you don’t. It also shows you really kind of love that breaks the cycles of violence. Remember that it’s not passion, but the genuine affection between young Catherine & Heathcliff that not only resolves the story, but that offers you a model of love to take with you after the last page.

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